How do storage scanners work

Clarity & Success Inventory

The inventory is like the tax return: It's not much fun, but has to be done once a year. With the new inventory app from CLARITY & SUCCESS, time-consuming counting is now much easier. Because the app transforms smartphones or tablets into fully functional mobile inventory storage scanners.
All employees can thus actively participate in the inventory, even with their own mobile phone, and scan the jewelry and watch labels with the camera of the mobile device. All recorded data flow automatically into the CLARITY & SUCCESS jewelery management software.
A permanent connection to the Wi-Fi or Internet is not necessary, as the data is stored locally on the device until the next synchronization with your computer.
And that's how it works:
1. Scan barcode labels directly on the showcase or storage room.
2. Synchronize the app and transfer the saved data and then automatically import the data into the CLARITY & SUCCESS inventory program.
3. Done!
Technical requirements for the inventory app:
Wi-Fi or Internet on the main computer
Smartphones or tablets from versions Android 6.0
Screen from 5 inches (12.7 cm), 2GB RAM, quad-core processor (or faster)
Sufficient free internal storage space for local storage of the product images
Functioning camera integrated in the device with at least 8 megapixels for quick and easy readability of the small barcodes on the decorative labels
Light on the camera
The connection between the end device and the web service, which is installed on one of the local PCs in the respective shop, is first and foremost protected by the encryption of the WiFi or the structurally given security of the LAN network connection.
If synchronization over the Internet, i.e. outside of your LAN, is desired, you need to install and purchase an SSL certificate. (We would be happy to help you choose this certificate). The jeweler bears the costs of such a certificate himself.

Jewelers can use the app free of charge on any number of devices as an aid during inventory, comparable to a mobile memory scanner. With the help of the app, every android smartphone or tablet becomes a barcode scanner thanks to the integrated camera.
During the ongoing inventory, all scanned article numbers are saved locally on the mobile device. A synchronization with the computer deletes the data on the mobile device and saves it in the inventory database of the Clarity & Success software.
The app can be easily integrated into the existing CLARITY & SUCCESS merchandise management system by communicating with the main computer via Wi-Fi or the Internet.
The inventory app is suitable for android smartphones and tablets from versions Android 6.0 and is used for the additional recording of articles in addition to stationary systems.

You can only use the app in conjunction with the CLARITY & SUCCESS jeweler management software version 3.0 or higher. A configured Wi-Fi and internet connection are also required.
A web service is installed in advance, which is set up and charged by the company CLARITY & SUCCESS. The use of the app is free of charge, but must be activated by CLARITY & SUCCESS and is associated with the initial set-up costs mentioned above.