What are the different forms of backup

What is a backup and how is data optimally backed up?

Cloud solutions are ideal for professional backup strategies that extensive amounts of data and sensitive business and customer data secure (must). They are flexible, scalable as required and accessible anywhere. In addition, well-implemented cloud solutions reduce the effort for complex backup strategies. For example, they relieve companies without their own IT department because they have the Maintain and manage storage space independently. Customers no longer have to create multiple redundant backups themselves. In the case of reputable providers, the database is z. B. efficiently protected against unauthorized access by encryption techniques during network-based transmission.

The costs, which usually arise with cloud solutions, are particularly worthwhile when high data security is required and reliable in-house solutions are too complex and expensive. In addition, a lack of in-house know-how can be compensated relatively inexpensively with a backup cloud from a professional provider. Through the tiered tariffs Cloud solutions are also interesting for smaller companies and the self-employed, for whom data security is fundamentally particularly important.

What to watch out for especially with highly sensitive data: You should have one for cloud backups certified provider who gives transparent and detailed information about its data protection guidelines. If personal data are processed regularly, we recommend a provider who expressly adheres to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In addition, the technical basis for online solutions should be available. A fast network connection with sufficient bandwidth is an advantage so that particularly extensive backup routines can be processed smoothly.