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7 reasons why small weddings are the most beautiful

Even if you don't really want a big party, 75 to 100 guests can quickly get together with both families, friends and a few colleagues. When planning, you have to be pretty tough with yourself in order not to overturn your original calculation.

In the end, however, it is often a question of cost and space, how many guests are allowed to come to the wedding - because at many locations, around 75 people are already over.

Nevertheless, it is understandable to want to correct the number of guests upwards. After all, you would like to have all your friends and acquaintances with you. But there are also disadvantages to celebrating big: You can give each individual guest very little time, the celebration becomes more expensive with each guest and you have a much higher planning effort.

So it is worth considering whether you would rather make your wedding celebration very intimate. Those who only celebrate with 20 to 30 people really get something from their guests and save a lot of money that they can spend on their honeymoon instead.

Here are 7 reasons to celebrate a mini wedding instead!

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1. Great attention to detail

Self-made place cards, carefully selected table decorations, maybe even a self-baked wedding cake - if you are only expecting a small wedding party, you can focus on the details thanks to more time and a relatively higher budget per guest. After all, you only have to make a few copies at a time.

A homemade cake for 20 people is quite feasible. With over 50 guests, however, it is better to let the specialist do the work. And who has time to make 100 place cards before their wedding? 15 place cards, on the other hand, are a nice pastime on a rainy afternoon.

With a small celebration, you can finally realize your Pinterest dream of a wedding (which probably already existed before the engagement)!

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2. It's cheaper

More guests need more space, more food and more drinks. The costs for the dream wedding can quickly skyrocket. If, on the other hand, you only have a few guests, you hardly have to compromise on your extra wishes.

You can make lovingly selected guest favors and don't have to make sure that they stay as inexpensive as possible. You can use your favorite flowers for the table decorations almost regardless of the season, after all there are only very few tables - if not only one - and instead of a buffet you can look forward to a gourmet menu. You only have to fill 20 people and not 100. In the end, you still have a much smaller bill than for a big party.

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3. Fewer guests = less planning effort

Some women love to plan their wedding. You have dreamed of it for half your life and now you are totally absorbed in the role of the wedding planner. Others, in turn, perceive this as stress and would prefer to hand over the planning tasks. However, both parties agree that planning a wedding is almost a full-time job. And that can be very difficult when you already have a full-time job.

With a smaller celebration, however, you also have minor planning tasks and minor problems. To accommodate 20 people somewhere in case it rains: doable. At 200, however, that's a completely different matter.

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4. You have the perfect excuse for not inviting people

The bride and groom are under enormous pressure when it comes to the guest list. You can literally feel the expectations of friends or colleagues. The parents suddenly come around the corner with a list of their friends, who of course also have to be invited. And even the most distant relatives are offended if they didn't make the list. Yes, even mom and pop, who is actually the fourth degree great aunt and hasn't seen you for 20 years, suddenly expects an invitation to your wedding.

If, on the other hand, you can say that you have planned a very intimate celebration (and can substantiate that with a really tiny number of guests), it is easier for the uninvited not to take it personally. And the wedding couple doesn't have to grapple with a guilty conscience.

5. The day doesn't just fly by

Many bridal couples report that they can no longer properly remember their wedding. The whole day goes by in a flash. One takes care of the last organizational details, is busy at least welcoming every guest and is then overwhelmed by traditional customs and games. Suddenly the day is over and you didn't have the opportunity to take a step back and just enjoy the moment.

At a small celebration, on the other hand, it is much easier for the bride and groom to withdraw for a moment and soak up the moment. You can also spend a lot of time with your guests and celebrate lively. And at mini-weddings, there is unlikely to be a wedding couple who did not come to dinner.

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6. The guests can really get to know each other

Many families and friends on both sides have little or no opportunity to get to know each other before the wedding. At large celebrations with many guests, getting to know each other usually falls by the wayside.

If, on the other hand, there is only a small group of celebrations, the guests present also have the chance to have a good chat. It also doesn't hurt that the wedding couple has the time to really introduce people to each other and make contact.

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7. You can let the tears run free

There are of course people who have no problem being the center of attention, or who are simply not built very close to the water and can control themselves well. But there are also many who feel uncomfortable when so many eyes are on them.

Believe it or not, most grooms worry before the wedding because they don't want to start crying in front of 100 guests. In a small and intimate group, you don't have to worry about that. Then really only the closest confidants are present, with whom you don't have to control yourself, but can let your emotions run free. So the celebration can be wonderfully emotional and personal.

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