Fried food should be banned in schools

Italy's judiciary judges lunch

Can authorities tell schoolchildren what to eat for lunch? Years of legal dispute over this issue have now been resolved in Italy.

Parents in Italy had to go to the Supreme Administrative Court so that they could give their children lunch and lunch boxes to school. Some parishes and schools had forbidden their protégés to eat from home and wanted to make the cafeteria mandatory. The judges in Rome have now passed a verdict on the dispute that had occupied administrative courts in half of Italy in recent years.

In the verdict, they write that the eating of food brought along is expressly allowed in the classrooms. The ban is not supported by proven reasons relating to public health or hygiene and restricts personal freedom. The family lawyer said the judges had upheld "the legal principle of free choice of food."

The regional administrative court in Campania had already ruled in a similar way in March and a court in Turin in 2016. Nevertheless, the congregations repeatedly appealed. For comparable proceedings in other cities, the judge's verdict should now be groundbreaking. Also for Naples: There a court ruled against the will of the parents in 2017 on the grounds that the children's right to health and equality should be weighted higher than freedom of choice.

Italy's children are too fat

While parents can give their children food as they please, Italy has set guidelines for school canteens. There must be vegetables on the plate with a fruit next to them. Fried food is prohibited. The specifications are necessary: ​​Depending on the calculation, one in four or five Italian children is too fat. This means that Italy regularly ranks among the front runners in studies. The consequences are fatal.

Overweight children later suffer more often from diabetes 2, fatty liver disease, cardiovascular diseases or joint problems. Nevertheless, according to a survey by the Ministry of Health, a third of the mothers of overweight children think that their protégé is not too fat. The name of the legal dispute shows that the fun ends at Belpaese as soon as it comes to eating. The Italians martially called him "guerra del panino".

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