Is this sentence grammatically correct 40

"Dear passengers: € 40 is a lot of money!" Is this sentence correct?

In foro Publius mercatorem quendam eiusque servum poma ferre vidit.

At the forum Publius saw a certain merchant and his slaves who were bearing fruit.

Nesciens, qualia poma essent, dixit: “Quae poma fertis? Quo ea fertis? "

Since he did not know what fruits they were, he said: “What fruits do you bring? Where do you carry them? "

Responderunt: “Haec mala Persica sunt. Ea ad praefectum afferimus. "

They replied, “These are Persian apples. We bring (will bring them) to the prefect.

Publius: "Horum species mira et aliena est."

Publius says: "Your appearance is strange and strange."

"Recte dicis. Haec poma a nostris differunt; cum his conferri non possunt.

You say it right (that's the way it is) These fruits are different from ours; they cannot be compared with these.

Amicus mihi rettulit Romanos ea 'mala Persica ‘appellavisse, cum haec primum in Persia cognovissent.

A friend told me that the Romans called them “Persian apples” because they first got to know them in Persia.

Tum ab iis in Italiam illata sunt. They were then brought to Italy by them.

Adhuc solum Persica, quae in Italia creverant, a me vendita sunt.

So far I have only sold peaches that were grown in Italy.

Nunc autem, postquam arbores in Germaniam inferri iussi, agri etiam nostri Persica efferunt.

After I ordered trees to be brought into Germania, our fields are now also producing peaches

Hoc anno primum Persica huius regionis offerre possum.

This year I can offer peaches from these areas for the first time.

Homines enim poma recentia praeferunt.

People prefer fresh apples.

Omnem pecuniam contuli, omnia pertuli, ut arbores sub caelo aspero Germaniae crescerent

et poma ferrent.

I collected all the money, endured everything, so that trees could grow and bear fruit in the open air (under the sky) of the harsh Germania.

Sed nunc rem non iam differam.

But now I would no longer distinguish between things (?).

Ad praefectum detuli mea Persica bene crevisse. Nos iam exspectat! "

I brought my (well guessed?) Well-grown peaches to the prefect. He's already expecting us! ”I have brought my peaches, which have grown well, to the prefect. ?? Why perfect? Shouldn't it be the future tense?