What are the B2B Email Lists

Yellow Pages Extractor Software (German)

B2B stands for Business to business and B2B marketing is crucial for companies or freelancers who want to get in touch with other companies to collaborate or offer their services / products. B2B marketing action carried out in the right way can lead to a significant increase in its sales.

In order to do B2B marketing it is important Email lists of companies you want to contact. Having a high quality of these email lists provides an opportunity to get the results you want. But always good ones B2B Marketing Email Lists? The easiest way is to use a program like Yellow Leads Extractorwho may want to be in the yellow pages of various nations and collect email addresses, phone numbers and other information about the companies scanning.

How To Use This Program To Create B2B Marketing Email Lists?

Step 1: Download, install and start the software

Step 2. Select the Yellow Pages website to scan

Step 3. Make the search (type of company and location)

Step 4. Click on GET DATA

Step 5: exporting data

With the full version of the program you will be able to export data to an Excel or CSV file. In this file you will find a column with the email addresses to start doing B2B email marketing right away!