Why should I study geology

Study geosciences in Germany

The geosciences deal with the origin, development and condition of the system earth and the material and energy cycles and processes that take place in it. They research the earth's body and surface as well as the effects of human interventions on the environment and the development of life. On the one hand, it is about answering current questions e.g. about the stability of buildings, the effects of sea level fluctuations or the assessment of geohazards, e.g. from earthquakes and volcanism. On the other hand, the geosciences conduct important basic research on the earth system, e.g. mountain formation, the structure of the earth or the research and further development of new materials. The fields of study in geosciences include a whole range of natural science disciplines such as geology, geophysics, mineralogy, meteorology and paleontology.

If you want to study geosciences, you should have in-depth knowledge of mathematics, chemistry and physics. Good knowledge of biology and geography or geography are also helpful for a successful study of geosciences. Since specialist literature is often only available in English, a good knowledge of English is also useful.

The geosciences are strongly related to the field of study geography and there especially to physical geography. In addition, the geosciences are relevant for the engineering-oriented study areas of civil engineering, mining, environmental protection and disposal technology as well as surveying, geodesy as well as for the natural science-oriented study area of ​​environmental sciences. Last but not least, geoinformatics from the field of computer science has of course its permanent place in the geosciences.