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16 quotes from the Dalai Lama that will enrich and facilitate your life


Inspiration, food for thought and tips for a good and fulfilling life

Quotes inspire me and get me thinking. They help me connect with what is important to me and remind me what exactly that is.

So that I can shape my life the way I want it.

If you want to actively and consciously shape your life and align yourself mentally positively, quotes can work wonders.

Quotes are signposts - like sparkling guide stars

I don't want to give you random quotes in this article. How quickly did you read a quote, think briefly “Oh, nice!” Or “Right!” And yet it has no consequences because you are on the next task, the next item on the agenda. A bit like the fortune cookie that we all like to unwrap, read the message, smile and forget about it immediately.

You can also use quotes to reflect and change your attitude towards life. If you succeed in doing this, quotes can guide you on your way, give you orientation. They can help you keep your balance with you difficult decisions support or ensure that there is inner peace and serenity spread in you.

In this article, it is important for me to show you what message can be behind individual quotes. I have sorted the quotes that I have selected in terms of content, i.e. according to topics and areas of life.

I have deliberately used quotes from the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader from Tibet, in this article. They very much reflect what I think is a good basic attitude towards life if you want to live happy and fulfilled.

Click hereif you want to learn more about his biography and hereif you are wondering what exactly is hidden behind the name Dalai Lama.

16 quotes from the Dalai Lama that will enrich your life

Getting into action, dealing with experience, freedom of choice

"Knowing and doing nothing is like not knowing."

"Every difficult situation that you master now will be spared you in the future."

"If you lose, never lose the lesson!"

These three quotes make it clear to you how important your actions and your behavior are. It doesn't matter what you know or don't know, but how you act.

It is not just a matter of accumulating some knowledge (not even reading through blog articles - although that doesn't hurt, of course ;-)). Because all knowledge is useless if it does not find a correspondence in your actions. A real difference only arises when you get active.

It is just not enough if you theoretically know how important it is that you drink 2 liters of water a day, get enough sleep or move and still do not do it. Nothing happens if you only understand that your strengths help you to create many moments of flow and happiness in your everyday life, but you can neither really name them, let alone use them.

Action means that you develop yourself. You gain new skills, perspectives and experiences, which in turn help you to cope better with future situations. So if you boldly face your tasks and problems today, the probability is very high that you will be spared this problem tomorrow.

And even if what you do does not lead to the desired success, i.e. does not prevent something stupid from continuing, you still have the experience. Because it's not always just about the result. Whether something works or not. Or whether you make mistakes or not. It's about learning, the lesson that you ALWAYS draw from your actions and then translate them into new actions.

In every experience there is the chance for learning and further development. The most important thing is to make sure you don't miss the lesson.

Self-empowerment, responsibility, self-efficacy

“There are only two days a year when you can't do anything. One is yesterday, the other tomorrow. This means that today is the right day to love, believe and, above all, to live. "

"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try going to sleep when a mosquito is in the room."

"Let us commit ourselves to the recognition of the extremely precious character of every single day."

"Don't let the behavior of others disturb your inner peace."

You are not a victim, you are Shaper of your life.

Even if sometimes it doesn't seem like the going gets tough - you always have the reins in your hand and are not at the mercy of any external circumstances or the behavior of other people.

You alone can very well make a difference - and decide for it or against it every day. For example, by not being infected by stress, hectic pace and the elbow mentality in the supermarket, but by being friendly and helpful. Or if every tenth time you see garbage that doesn't belong there, you pick it up and dispose of it. Instead of complaining and lamenting that we are gradually destroying nature.

It is entirely up to you whether and to what extent you allow an experience, encounter or circumstance to touch and influence you from within. Responsibility has something to do with an answer (and not with guilt!) - the answer you give to what is outside of you.

So take it seriously - and stand up for the things that are important to you. You can do something every single day to become who you want to be and to shape the life you want to live.

Blossoming, self-expression, self-realization

"The meaning of life is to be happy."

"Once a year visit a place you don't know yet."

I firmly believe that life is about blooming, about developing yourself. That you grow and get to know and use your full potential. That is not selfish. Because if you are on your way to a happy life, you will automatically not only look at yourself and your happiness. You will also improve your relationships and positively influence those around you.

Allow yourself to be able to lead this happy and fulfilled life. Life is a wonderful journey - one that you can enjoy. And on which you probably have to overcome yourself more often. Because right now outside of your comfort zone waiting for the experiences that will make you grow and blossom.

So stop being outraged, whining or complaining and be ready to go outside. Trying things out, tackling them and being brave.

Self-care, self-reflection, introspection

"Spend some time with yourself every day."

"Our battlefield is not outside, but within ourselves."

Everything starts with you. Life works from the inside out, not the other way around. There does not have to be this or that on the outside in order for you to be happy and fulfilled. Even if most of us believe it. They think in categories like "If I have this or that job, then I am happy."

This if-then game can go on forever. In reality, you should do whatever you can to be happy (relaxed, serene, content - replace "happy" with the word that best describes how you should be) now.

Question your thoughts and ideas about how your life should go. Deal with yourself, your inner demons and longings. Take the time to develop a clear view of what is necessary and important at the moment.

You can do this by making sure that you are well connected to yourself, that you arrive safely and that you feel safe, secure and loved in and with yourself.

If you do this insight job well, you will see how a lot automatically falls outside the box.

Flow of life, acceptance, inner strength

"The most difficult time in our life is the best opportunity to develop inner strength."

"Remember that something you don't get can sometimes be a wonderful stroke of fate."

"Nothing is more relaxing than accepting what is coming."

Life is not just peace, joy, pancakes. I know that. And so do you.

Of course, we all wish that we were happy and satisfied as often as possible. But none of us in this world is the best version of ourselves at all times, in tune with ourselves, calm and satisfied. That's not realistic - Tori Press has in this Instagram post so wonderfully illustrated.

It is also not desirable.

Because honestly, life teaches you the most important lessons while you try to somehow make the most of it. When you overcome hurdles, master challenges and get up after stumbling. In order to experience the most wonderful moments of pure joie de vivre and love, it also takes those full of fear, anger or stress. Everything needs an opposite pole. This Back and forth makes the game of life exciting and lively.

So give yourself to this flow of life for a while. Don't fight it. Try not to have anything gone or want to have it differently. Practice yourself in benevolent acceptance of what is.

Even if it's not always positive. For one thing, you can be sure that these moments will pass (just like the grandiose ones will pass). On the other hand, the difficult experiences turn out to be the greatest gifts and teachers of your life. But you can only unpack it if you put your resistances aside and accept what is.

Meaning in life, values, visions

“This is my simple religion. It doesn't need a temple, or a complicated philosophy. Our brain and heart are our temple. The philosophy is friendliness. "

“The real essence of human nature is goodness. There are other qualities that result from education and knowledge, but if you want to become a truly human being and give meaning to your existence, then it is essential to have a good heart. "

“Let's try to recognize the best of each person, to see the other in the best possible light. This attitude immediately creates a feeling of closeness, a kind of inclination, a connection. "

A truly happy and fulfilling life is not all about enjoyment and pleasure. Of course, that's an essential part. In my opinion, it is at least as important to go a little deeper. By this I mean, in particular, to know your inner compass of values ​​and to know you and what you do as meaningful to experience.

This is so important to me because you do not always have in hand what is beating down on you outside and whether you meet your goalsreach. But what you can influence at any time is the kind of person you want to be. You alone can decide how you want to behave towards yourself and others, which values ​​you want to orient yourself by.

I therefore invite you to turn more and more often to your “goals to be” than to your goals to have “. You can take the following questions into your heart and take with you on your way:

  • Why I'm here?
  • What meaning do I want to give my life?
  • What kind of person do I want to be, even if I don't achieve what I would like or if life throws stumbling blocks at my feet?

Use the magic of words

I very much hope that you enjoyed the quotes and that the words behind them gave you food for thought. If you want to use the power of words more generally, read in this article here purely. There you will find a number of nicely prepared positive affirmations that will help you to develop a positive mindset in everyday life.

I am very interested in which or which of the quotes you liked the most. You are also welcome to write your favorite quote (s) in the comments and explain why it touches you, what you associate with it, and how and why it fits into your life.

If none of the above is for you, you can of course share another quote with us that touches you.


PS: Sharing is caring: If you liked the article and it helped, share it now with your loved ones and with all people who the knowledge can also help. Thank-you!

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  1. That's exactly how I see it ... Wow, really well written and to the point!

  2. Thank you for your inspiring words, that was good for me, me on that
    To focus on essential positives in order to go through life happily and contentedly, because I have forgotten that only I am responsible, that I am fine, and that nobody is responsible for it, in the future I will accept everything, whether good or negative, me positive to develop further than lesson too
    Seeing to become permanently happy.
    Thank you, Yours sincerely, remain r
    Your Nino Georg kataxakis

    • Dear Nino, how nice that you were able to extract something from these quotes and words. Because yes: for us it remains to concentrate again and again on ourselves and on what we can influence. I wish you all the best and wonderful experiences.

  3. Thanks for the good quotes that give me the strength to believe in myself. Your explanations gave me the courage to carry on instead of running away and opened my eyes to the fact that my previous view, that the circumstances outside must first be the right one in order to change something, is not the right one. I am now motivated to work on it.

    • Dear Brigitte, with all my heart. I am very happy that you feel motivated and that you are gaining strength! That is what is so important in order to keep moving forward. Wishing you all the best!

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