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Rolex - German: This watch dictionary will make you a professional in every conversation

For a newbie, the world of haute horlogerie is overwhelming. It gets even more complicated when we go into the Rolex universe, which has its own vocabulary. That's why we're going to show you all the words you need to know to properly talk about the brand's watches.

The Ultimate Rolex Dictionary: All the Terms You Need to Know

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    Batman: Nickname for the 116710 model, a GMT II with the two-tone ceramic bezel in black and blue, the original Batman colors.
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    Cellini: It is the brand's "Dresswatch" collection and takes its name from the Italian Renaissance artist Benvenuto Cellini. With a 39mm diameter gold case, leather strap, and classic style, it's not waterproof. Obama has one.
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    Cerachrom: This very hard and corrosion-resistant ceramic material is a patent that Rolex applied for in 2005. It combines the words ceramic and chrome. The Cerachrom is normally used in the bezel disc (especially in the GMT-Master II, Yacht-Master, Submariner and the monoblock version of the Cosmograph Daytona) because the bezels of the watches are very exposed and usually due to the incidence of UV Rays lose color over time. (Read here: This is why clocks are always on 10 after 10)
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    Chronergy: An escapement designed and patented by Rolex. The escapement is the heart of an automatic watch. It releases energy and regulates it.
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    Cosmograph Daytona: This is the name of the Daytona with an automatic chronograph movement. It has been manufactured for motorsport drivers since 1963 and is therefore equipped with a bezel with a tachymeter scale to measure the average speed over a certain distance. It takes its name from Daytona (Florida, USA), on whose kilometer-long beach the world's fastest cars came onto the market at the beginning of the last century. One of the most famous versions of this model was that of the actor and racing driver Paul Newman.
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    Crownclasp: Completely invisible bracelet clasp.
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    Cyclops: This is the magnifying glass above the date window on most Rolex models. As a trademark, it enlarges the numbers approximately 2.5 times which makes it easier to read. The name comes from the one-eyed giant in Greek mythology. Since 2005 it has been provided with a double-sided anti-reflective coating so that it does not dazzle.
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    Datejust: It is the Rolex par excellence, an Oyster Perpetual with a date at 3 o'clock.
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    Deep Sea: This marine research model can dive much deeper than the famous Submariner: up to 3,900 meters. With unidirectional rotating bezel.
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    Day-Date: It has been one of the company's classic calendar watches since 1956, an Oyster Perpetual that displays the day and date. Known as the Presidents Watch, it was worn by Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson and Donald Trump.
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    Everose: Rolex's exclusive rose gold alloy.
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    Explorer: As one of the first professional versions of the Oyster (the world's first waterproof wristwatch), the Explorer received a lot of attention in 1953 after Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay's first successful ascent of Everest. It is characterized by its luminous dial and the metal bracelet.
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    Glidelock: Bracelet clasp with double extension system made of Oystersteel steel for the Submariner and Deepsea. This allows divers to extend the strap in steps of 2 mm up to 20 mm. (Read here: How to properly clean and care for a watch)
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    Hulk: This is the name given to the green dial and bezel Rolexes (the company's corporate color), especially the Submariners, which are in great demand with collectors.
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    Jubilee: It is the first bracelet that Rolex made in 1945. The name comes from the 40th birthday of the brand that Hans Wilsdorf founded in 1905. It consists of five rows of semicircular and flat links.
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    Oyster: The term refers to both the world's first waterproof wristwatch, introduced by Hans Wilsdorf in 1926, and the waterproof Rolex case, which contains a patented screw-down case back and a crown to protect the movement. And as already said, Oyster (which means oyster) is the name of a characteristic bracelet with three rows of elongated and solid flat links.
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    Oysterflex: It is the newest bracelet that Rolex has made. It dates from 2015 and has a flexible core made of a titanium-nickel alloy coated with an extremely durable black synthetic elastomer (similar to rubber).
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    Oystersteel: Brand-specific alloy steel. Belongs to the steel family 904L, which is particularly corrosion-resistant and receives an exceptional shine when polished.
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    Parachrome: A blue Rolex hairspring that has been used in many men's models since 2000 (there is the Syloxi silicon hairspring for women). Thanks to its paramagnetic steel, it is immune to magnetic fields and withstands impacts that are up to ten times higher than conventional coil springs.
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    Paraflex: The brand's anti-shock system that protects the movement from bumps.
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    Rolesor: Fusion of stainless steel with Rolex's own yellow gold and registered as a name in 1933.
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    Perpetual: The first automatic mechanism with a free rotor, patented by Rolex in 1931. The movement winds by turning the wrist, a revolutionary and influential innovation in the watch industry.
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    President: This bracelet was created for the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date released in 1956. Considered the most refined of all Rolex bracelets, with its three rounded links, it got its name in 1965 when the President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson, wore a yellow gold Day-Date.
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    Rolesium: Exclusively for the Yacht-Master model and introduced in 1999, it combines Oystersteel and Platinum. (Read here: The cost of a Rolex overhaul)
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    Submariner: The most famous watch in the world and also the model most copied by other companies. She is in great demand, especially in her steel versions. Basically an Oyster Perpetual with increased water resistance and a rotating bezel, which was developed for underwater divers in 1953. Waterproof up to 300 m.
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    Superlative chronometers: Certifies the accuracy of the stopwatch. It is typical of Rolex and is applied to all watches after they have been subjected to various tests for precision and water resistance. The precision required by the company is -2 / + 2 seconds per day, and the international guarantee on all watches is five years.
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    Twinlock: The crown was introduced and patented by Rolex in 1953. It has two sealing zones: one in the pipe and one on the bottom.

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