How does one succeed in life

How do I succeed in living consciously?

Day after day I meet myself and try to recognize my thoughts and feelings as much as possible. Day after day I practice being present and staying focused. But I also know my traps. There are people or situations that trigger feelings and thoughts in me. Of course I am tempted to look in this direction and get lost in them or let them guide me. It feels like a downward spiral - like those lows in my life that I've been in.

Decision-making paths

Moving down is a way of making decisions about how to deal with situations. But I ask myself how I can manage to get back to myself and find new solutions in order to get back down to earth. Here I start to look at my story anew and to consciously stop.

I discovered mindfulness and meditation eight years ago. Jack Kornfield's books have helped me a lot to face my own subjects. Because it was a phase in my life in which I lost everything that I had built for myself. So I was at absolute zero and started a new path that I consciously chose. During this time I had the book "Buddhist Psychology" by Jack Kornfield in my hands again and again in order to better understand myself and my life. It was a very turbulent time. I needed time to sort through my feelings and thoughts.


These years taught me one thing in particular: to observe myself and to practice calm. For me it is a practice path day after day: not to react, not to evaluate, to keep the fresh spirit of the beginner, not to be able to grasp, to trust, to accept and to let go. These are the seven pillars of mindfulness. I teach mindfulness and have also integrated it into my life. For two years I have been consciously going into silence and practicing Zen meditation in the Benediktushof. The silence helps me to sort out all the input in my life, to deal consciously with the most varied of situations and to recognize myself. Over the years I've learned one thing: when everything gets faster, I consciously slow down.

Process of creation

Life taught me to deal consciously with different situations. I learned - only through the encounter do I manage to give my triggers the space. Day after day I learn to recognize myself and to find my way back to my being. If I manage to meet myself, I also manage to meet like-minded people. This is a great moment of happiness, joyfully moving new things with those people and creating them together. Because therein lies the secret of our creation.

© Text: Zerrin Börcek

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