What are some problems that demisexuals face

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Demisexuals say they know and trust people very well in order to experience sexual attraction in the first place. Feli is one of them. In One Hour of Love she tells what her sexuality looks like.

"Demi" is French and means "half". Demisexual means literally translated: half sexual. Demisexual people don't feel any sexual attraction at first. Physical pleasure only comes about when you develop a strong emotional bond with someone. Sex without feelings, such as one-night stands with people they don't know, is unimaginable for "Demis".

"I have to know the person well to have sex. That's a prerequisite."
When she was in her late twenties, Feli discovered that she was "demi"

The whole thing is neither cultivated nor consciously selected or a defect, but it is just the way it is. It is unclear why some people are more demisexual and others less.

"The biggest prejudice is that everyone feels that they want to get to know their sex partners beforehand."
When she was in her late twenties, Feli discovered that she was "demi"

An hour of love reporter Benni Bauerdick met demisexual people and learned from them how they define demisexuality and what reactions they experience when dating.

"Already in puberty, many notice that they are not so sexually attracted to others. They do not find anyone sexy as long as this familiarity is not there."
Sandra Gathmann, qualified psychologist on demisexual people

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