Is jutsu real

Jutsus is the name given to the various types of attack a ninja can use. There are Nin-Jutsu, Tai-Jutsu, Gen-Jutsu, Fuin-Jutsu, Kin-Jutsus, Doujutsu, Summoning-Jutsu (also called Kuchiyose no Jutsu) and Juin-Jutsu


Taijutsu is the fight with hands and feet without the use of chakra. Taijutsus are hand-to-hand combat techniques that are usually provided with combos. The Hyuuga clan is a typical Tai-jutsu clan, as they mostly fight in close combat mode. The biggest Tai-Jutsu specialists in Konoha are still Rock Lee and Maito Gai, as they always used Taijutsu and have already brought it to perfection.


A genjutsu is mostly based on inflicting physical damage on an opponent. With the gene jutsu, you are, so to speak, transported into a kind of dream world that you cannot easily leave (e.g. Tsukyomi). With a gene jutsu you can even make your opponent believe he is in pain, which is usually the case. A genjutsu is therefore an illusion. The Uchiha clan can hypnotize other people through its sharingan. Therefore, the Uchiha clan is a genjutsu specialist


A ninjutsu is an attack that is carried out by hand signals and generated by the influence of chakra. The higher the chakra supply, the higher the power of the jutsu. There are different types of Ninjutsu (Katon-; Fuuton-; Ryuuka-; Doton-no-Jutsu). Ninjutsu is actually a kind of execution of elemental powers through chakra.


A doujutsu is a technique that is evoked in the eyes. Usually a doujutsu serves to strengthen the chakra or concentration, but can also bring about a higher speed (Sharingan, Byakugan or Rin'egan). With some doujutsus. you can also hypnotize people, or strengthen your genjutsu (Sharingan). Some jutsus can also be used with just a doujutsu (tsukyomi). Unfortunately, a doujutsu is usually a Kekei Genkai, and so can only be used by the specific clan (or the specific blood group).


With the Fuin-Jutsu, one can banish animals, demons and even humans into another body. e.g. Yondaime Minato, the 4th Hokage. He banished the 9-tailed fox Kyuubi to Naruto when Naruto was a child. At the onset of this Fuin-Jutsu, however, the 4th Hokage died.


Kinjutsus are jutsus that were held in rolls by the Hokage and are forbidden because they are either very dangerous, can use up too much chakra, or are even fatal.
Ex: Taijuu-Kage-Bunshin-no-Jutsu. Naruto learned this technique when he stole the role of the 3rd Hokage. In Taijuu-Kage-Bunshin-no-Jutsu, up to 200 shadow doubles form. Naruto had improved this jutsu so much that his shadow doubles looked like real, and when Sasuke killed Naruto in Shippuuden and still did not learn Mangekyou Sharingan, it turned out that the dead Naruto was a shadow doubles


A juin-jutsu is a kind of curse or spell that is used in the Hyuuga clan outside of the main family, so that the secondary family do not riot, they are kept under control by this juin-jutsu. Unfortunately, juinjutsu also have side effects, e.g. people who wear a juin jutsu get stronger the longer they wear the mark (see Neji Hyuuga).


Summoning Jutsu (Kuchiose no Jutsu)

These jutsus can be used to summon animals. But before you can do that, you have to sign a contract for a certain species of animal with your own blood. When you have done that you can conjure up an animal with a little blood from yourself, chakra and the corresponding finger signs. The amount of the chakra is important, because if you use a few chakras, you call up smaller animals. However, if you use a lot you can summon even the largest animal, the head one. Whether or not the beast is obedient depends on the summoner. They also use their own techniques or combine them with the attacks of the one who called them.
Naruto's kuchiose animal is the frog, as he learned this technique from Jirayia the Toad Erimitt!