What is the best job in information technology

The 5 best IT professions with a promising future

These IT specialists have the best chance in the job market

Digital change is not only changing our personal life, but also the world of work. New paths are opening up and offering interested computer fans lucrative job offers. IT specialists in particular are in great demand in all industries. From cyber security consultants to software developers - these are the five best IT professions with a promising future.

1. The IT auditor

Our first place is the IT auditor, a rather unknown profession. The task of an IT auditor is to monitor the data processing systems of institutions and companies. It checks whether the IT infrastructure meets the requirements for network security. In the near future, the IT auditor will also deal with the classification of potential risks when using artificial intelligence in the system. A university degree in computer science or business informatics is required. Certification as an auditor issued by the BSI is also required. The earnings depend on the company and averages between 50,000 and 76,000 euros gross. It is mainly used in business consultancy and in authorities.

2. The Cyber ​​Security Consultant

Nowadays, hacker attacks represent an increasing risk for companies. As an IT specialist specializing in system security, it is his job to scour the systems of companies or banks for weak points. If the system is the target of an attack, it initiates appropriate countermeasures. This job description is also suitable for career changers. Good programming skills are required. Analytical work is also desired. The gross earnings are between 48,000 and 68,000 euros. You can find a job in larger companies or with IT service providers.

3. The software developer

The software developer specializes in the implementation and design of software that corresponds to the individual wishes of the respective customer. He is an IT specialist who, depending on the field of activity, has to master the appropriate programming language, such as C ++, Ruby on Rails or Java, and can use it to program entire applications or only fractions of software. Above all, a software developer needs a certain passion for his job. Analytical and complex thinking are required. But even the best programmer cannot get a job without certificates or qualifications. A degree or at least an apprenticeship in computer science is required to carry out this profession. The gross salary is between 40,000 and 60,000 euros, depending on qualifications. As a software developer you can find work at various software houses, IT service providers, in research institutions and various IT departments in companies.

4. The Content Marketing Manager

The main task of a content marketing manager is the provision and planning of content for the online presence of a company. He develops marketing strategies and provides customers and interested parties with permanent content in order to achieve long-term customer loyalty. His areas of responsibility include monitoring the content, setting up and managing the content management system and acquiring new customers. The content marketing manager is not an independent profession, so there are no corresponding courses of study or training. But of course there are other ways to be trained for this profession. There is the possibility of training as a media specialist or studying a related course such as media economics, computer science or business administration. The gross earnings are between 38,000 and 64,000 euros. It is needed in software development forms and trading companies.

5. The network administrator

Its job is to manage networks and computer systems. He is responsible for the maintenance and configuration of the IT infrastructures of various companies, organizations or authorities. He carries out all activities to ensure the ongoing operation of computers and systems in a company. The responsibility is great, because the smooth functioning of the IT infrastructure is essential for a functioning operation. Training is required to become a network administrator. It is also possible to study computer science. The salary varies greatly and fluctuates between 45,000 and 80,000 euros gross. There is a job as a network administrator in every large company. Depending on the size of the company, you work alone or in a team.


Digitization will permanently change the labor market. Young people in particular can benefit from the multitude of opportunities that arise. The fact is that at least 1.5 million jobs will be lost due to automation in the next few years. But at least 1.5 million new ones are being created, mainly in the IT area.