Which is the most profitable retail business

RankingThese are the largest retail groups in the world

Retailers are something like the search engines of the world of goods. They put together an assortment from the seemingly endless range of all manufacturers, which will hopefully meet the tastes and needs of the customers. With their “curated” selection of products, retailers also implement their own economic interests, for example in price wars with manufacturers. Because they are, so to speak, the bouncers of the lucrative club of consumers. Some people may be able to live without a gas station. But nobody can ignore retail.

The turnover in this economic sector is correspondingly huge. Auditing firm Deloitte has been following developments in retail for over 20 years. According to the latest report "Global Powers of Retailing", the 250 largest companies had sales of 4.53 trillion US dollars in the 2017 financial year (through June 2018). That was 5.7 percent more than in the previous accounting period. Each retailer averaged $ 18.1 billion in sales and was represented in ten countries.

The retail sector is dominated by the big players. The ten largest were responsible for almost a third (31.6 percent) of sales in the top 250. These are the ten largest retailers in the world.

# 10 Tesco

Tesco is the UK's largest retail company. The supermarket chain improved by one place to tenth compared to the previous year. Deloitte put sales in fiscal 2017 at around $ 74 billion. Tesco is active in eight countries, including India and Hungary.

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# 9 CVS

CVS Health Corporation was also able to improve by one place. The US drugstore pharmacy chain ranks ninth in the Deloitte rankings despite a slight drop in sales of around 79 billion dollars. This was made possible by the absence of Carrefour. The French group, the second largest retail company in Europe, did not want to be on the list. It was in ninth place for fiscal 2016 at $ 84 billion. CVS was the only company in the top ten to show a drop in sales.

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# 8 Aldi

Aldi defends eighth place in the ranking with around 98 billion dollars. The analysts could only estimate sales. They certified Aldi sales growth of 7.7 percent. Apparently, the independent groups Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd were merged. It is true that the list indicates the company name with "Aldikauf GmbH & Co". However, this is the official name of the weaker Aldi Nord. In the previous ranking, the German discounter was still operating under the name "Aldi Group".

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# 7 Walgreens

Walgreens Boots Alliance went down two places. But health remains huge business in the US. The largest pharmacy chain in the country increased its sales by 2.1 percent to 99 billion dollars.

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# 6 Home Depot

There is almost always money to beautify your own four walls. The US home improvement chain The Home Depot climbed one place to sixth in the Deloitte ranking. Revenue increased 6.7 percent to $ 101 billion.

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# 5 Black group

The Schwarz Group is the largest retailer in Europe. The home of Lidl and Kaufland, however, lost one place compared to the previous year. According to Deloitte, the turnover of the German group rose by 7.4 percent to 112 billion dollars. Edeka was in 17th place, Rewe in 19th place, and Metro AG in 26th.