What are the submarine types

With the Type XXI, Germany owned the most advanced submarine in the world at the beginning of 1945. Thanks to numerous technical innovations, it was able to travel under water without restrictions, as the diesel engines sucked in the fresh air it needed through a special snorkel. The line shape designed for underwater travel and a three times larger battery capacity resulted in the sensational underwater speed of 17 knots. Other innovations were low-noise electric motors for crawling, highly sensitive tracking devices and 2 cm anti-aircraft gun turrets. The model gives an authentic insight into this pioneering submarine through the split left outer wall of the fuselage. Many rooms are reproduced in great detail, including the diesel and electric motors. Insights into the command center and crew living quarters give an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlife under water. The decal includes interior details and identifiers for U2540, which entered service on 02/24/1945. After a short training run, U2540 was sunk by the crew in the Flensburg Fjord on May 4th, 1945. Lifted again in 1957, it was used by the German Navy as a test boat for Wilhelm Bauer. Today the U2540 can be viewed as a museum boat.

Model details:
- The left outer wall of the fuselage has been separated and gives a view of the interior
- Detailed surface structures
- Detailed torpedo room
- crew living quarters
- Detailed command center
- Tower with internal structure
- Detailed diesel and electric motors
- Battery / accumulator rooms
- Movable depth and rudder
- Rotatable twin flak towers
- Detailed tower structure with antennas, periscope and snorkel mast
- Authentic decal for U2540 with interior details