What rare coins are worth money

Recognize valuable euro coins and sell them lucratively

A 50-cent coin is worth exactly 50 cents, a two-euro coin is worth exactly two euros - one would think. In fact, there are a few exceptions for which collectors are willing to spend a hundred or even a thousand times as much. We will show you valuable euro coins or 2 euro coins, which are rare objects - from coins with incorrectly minted coins to specimens from EU miniature states to designs with art coins.


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Valuable euro coins due to faulty minting

As strange as it may sound: faulty cent and euro coins can very valuable be. The inaccuracies of some mints, which imply errors in the material, in the stamping or in the machine feeding, inspire passionate collectors of rare coins and cause them to spend far more than the face value for the round elements.

How do misprints come about?

The machines usually recognize errors and stop production immediately. In addition, random checks are regularly carried out in the mints. Nonetheless, get there Coins with incorrect minting sometimes on sale - and if you're lucky, in your hands too.

Features of misprinting

A “fried egg” misprint - Source: “flickr.com”

To the typical Features of defective coins belong imprints on one wrong format. In addition, there are versions in circulation that mistakenly inscriptions from a country other than the one in question. Not to forget those coins with an incorrectly designed edge. The unicorns under incorrectly minted coins are so-called "Fried eggs". The inside of these coins is slightly higher than the outer ring, which increases their rarity and value enormously.

What to do with faulty coins

If you find a coin in your wallet that has any irregularities, you should check whether it is a minting. If this is the case, it is worth considering selling the coin - with the prospect of receiving several hundred or even thousands of euros for it.

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Examples of coins with incorrect minting

Classic examples of coins with Misprints are one euro piecesthat were minted on a 50 cent blank, and Two euro coins from Ireland, which come along with the marginal inscription of the Netherlands. The French ten-cent coins from 1999 with a fine rippled edge instead of the usual wavy edge are also very popular with collectors.

One euro piece on a 50 cent blank

Two euro coins from Ireland with the Netherlands inscribed on the edge

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Valuable euro coins from EU miniature states

Coins from EU mini-states can bring good money even if they do not show any faulty minting. Their value is due to the fact that they were and are minted in significantly lower numbers than the coins in larger nations such as Germany or France.

Basically on coins value from EU miniature states

Pay special attention to coins from Monaco, San Marino, the Vatican and Andorra. You can recognize this either by the integrated name of the country and / or by the motif used. A short Wikipedia search is sufficient for information and images on the coin motifs of the EU miniature states. Here you will find the complete range of euro coins.

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Most expensive coin from EU dwarf states

Hit the jackpot with one Two euro coin from Monacothe back of which is adorned with a portrait of the legendary Princess Grazia Patrizia - better known as Hollywood actress Grace Kelly. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of her death in 2007, the principality brought out the special issue, limited to 20,001 pieces.

Two euro coin from Monaco Source: Wikipedia.org

Two euro coin from the Vatican Source: Wikipedia.org

Valuable euro coins due to the eastward expansion of the EU

Occurred in 2007 Romania and Bulgaria the EU. As a result, the map of Europe depicted on the value side of the euro coins had to be adapted. The EU enlargement to the east should be new by 2008 Euro coins be immortalized. But this was not the case. Freshly made coins came into circulation, which still represented the old, smaller map of Europe.

2 euro coin with EU eastward expansion Source: Wikipedia.org

2 euro coin without EU expansion to the east Source: Wikipedia.org

Coins with a wrong map of Europe are easy to recognize. It makes sense to check every coin that has been minted since 2006. You may discover a copy underneath that shows the old version instead of the new map with Romania and Bulgaria.

An exciting example of euro coins with a wrong map are 20 cent coins from Germany that were issued in 2008. Exciting especially because incorrect coins are extremely rare in the Federal Republic. So you can earn a lot with such a piece. In Finland, too, coins were minted with the old map of Europe. Look out for the corresponding two-euro pieces from 2006.

Valuable euro coins through special editions

Special editions of coins have always been popular and sought-after. They are characterized by a special motif or by a face value that is normally not available as a coin. Almost every year, special coins are produced and put into circulation in different countries.

All coins that do not have the typical motifs of cent and euro pieces are practically worth more than what the minting suggests. The particularly rich commemorative coins include those from small EU countries such as Andorra or Monaco. But also special designs from Germany or other large nations can bring you an attractive profit. Commemorative coins with a deep background are particularly popular.

One of the most recent commemorative coins with increased value is the two-euro commemorative coin from France for 2017, which is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the “Ruban Rose”. The “pink ribbon” acts as an international symbol to draw attention to the topic of breast cancer.

Also to be emphasized are the Five euro coins from Germany. In 2016 a corresponding edition was published with the title “Planet Earth”. The coin consists of an outer ring, an inner core and a blue polymer ring between the mentioned elements, which is partially translucent. The edition “Tropical Zone” followed in 2017, the coins of which have a red polymer ring instead of the blue one. In the long term, considerable increases in value are possible for these special coins.

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Valuable euro coins with art imprints

Last but not least, there are also euro coins with art imprints, the sales value of which can significantly exceed the face value. They are defined by specific motifs on the back, which come from different artists.

Two euro coin by the Greek artist George Stamatopoulos

The relatively new one is exemplary Two euro coin of the Greek By artist George Stamatopoulos mentioned. It is adorned with a modern stick figure next to a euro symbol. Both the stick figure and the euro symbol are hand-painted.

The two-euro coin from Monaco, which marks the 800th anniversary of the construction of the first castle on the rock of Monaco, is particularly valuable. The result: an artistic picture that resembles a painting and makes the coin, limited to 10,000 copies, extremely valuable.

Not a fortune, but you can get ten to twenty times the face value by successfully selling a colorfully designed two-euro coin from Lithuania from 2015.


The possibilities of earning nice pocket money by auctioning rare and special euro coins should not be underestimated. Anyone who happens to come into possession of one of the mentioned pieces or other euro coins with potentially valuable characteristics and does not care to keep them should think about the sales options. For a fair valuation, we recommend you use Catawiki. Here special pieces are offered in an auction to a wide range of bidders, which increases the sales price.

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