Are there any health benefits of marijuana

How well does cannabis work as medicine?

Epilepsy:Medical uses are most advanced in epilepsy. But there are still too few studies that have done well and had enough participants. Often the scientists do not make their approaches clear, so that the results are questionable.

Parkinson's: Again, there are only a few studies with few participants. The results that indicate a positive effect are based in part on survey studies. In addition, no one knows exactly how high the dose actually has to be to achieve a good effect.

Chronic pain:The study situation for chronic pain that was treated with CBD is very thin and mostly the active ingredient was tested together with other substances from the cannabis plants. This is another reason why the conclusiveness of the studies is rather low.

Anxiety Disorders: The effects of CBD in anxiety disorders were partly not tested on humans, but on rodents such as mice and are therefore not 1: 1 transferable. There are few studies in humans. In these, the CBD was usually only administered acutely and not over long periods of time. Here, too, we do not yet know how high a dose can be without causing side effects.

Cancer Therapy: Scientists have done a little more research on treating cancer patients with cannabidiol. But the researchers carried out a large part of the studies on mice and cell cultures. The results are therefore not very meaningful for humans here either. Overall, there is too little research to be able to judge whether CBD really helps cancer patients.