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You also lie to yourself7 diet perseverance paroli

In the end, they can't stick to the diet. And even if you stick to a diet, the yo-yo effect greets you. Guilt is our head. Let's outsmart him.

Julie has known her friend Leonie for ten years now. The two are inseparable. Sappy movies are her passion. Equipped with handkerchiefs and popcorn you will melt away. In summer you can skate to the ice cream parlor. On weekends, clubs are part of the night. With her curly mane, her pretty freckles and her witty manner, Leonie turns the heads of so many men. Only the beau from the office next door doesn't really want to. "Because I'm not slim enough for him," believes Leonie.

Weird diet: Mayo diet to Hollywood star diet

Julie has already experienced a lot with Leonie, but one thing always remains the same: Leonie is dissatisfied with her weight. She has beautiful feminine curves. But she still wants to lose one or two love handles and, above all, not put on another one. Leonie has been proclaiming the same resolution for ten years. And most of the time it stays that way, the resolution. «I am completely serious!» says Leonie when Julie smiles. Leonie has tried a lot when it comes to nutrition: FDH, cabbage soup diet, Schroth cure, mayo diet, the Hollywood star diet. Nothing really works out.

Guilt is our head!

It is usually our most important organ that sabotages diets, explains brain and stress researcher Achim Peters in his book "The egoistic brain". Because the brain constantly craves sugar - the brain uses half of our daily sugar requirements, in stressful situations it is even up to 90 percent - it defends itself against strict and one-sided diets that keep our energy supply on a short leash. Glucose, or sugar, is the most important source of energy for our brain. If we therefore deprive it, it reacts promptly by making us tired, irritable and restless. The last resort to get the missing energy is hunger attacks. Humans are creatures of habits. Presumably that's why we follow weight-loss programs that brutally change our eating behavior for a short time only for a short time and end up in the old eating routine again. We will show you typical eating habits that make losing weight fail again and again - and that seem very familiar to us!

This is how you recognize false diet promises

One of these points is not yet a sufficient indication of the charlatanism of this diet promise. If two or more are involved, this diet is absolutely not to be recommended.

  • The daily energy intake is less than 1200 Kcal
  • The meals are one-sided or prohibit certain combinations
  • Negative calories and fat burners are an essential key element
  • You should lose more than 500g every week
  • The diet provider advertises with pictures of now slim, previously overweight customers or experience reports
  • The diet provider promises you that you will never gain weight again afterwards.
  • The diet is only possible by buying certain products
  • Participation in the diet requires you to sign a contract.

Crash diets are of no use

How often did Leonie hold a women's magazine and say: «The diet is great, I'm trying it out now!» Julie remembers Leonie's apple cider vinegar diet all too well, where she happily spooned a vinegar fruit salad. Or the Mediterranean diet, where Leonie only has pasta «Frutti di Mare» ass. But after a short time Leonie gave up the diet again. Fortunately, she only lasted her zero diet for two hours. Leonie could have saved herself the trouble: crash diets are of no use. Because the body does not lose weight sustainably through a lightning diet. On the contrary: it is even more unbalanced as a result.

Tip: The strenght is to be found in serenity. All reputable nutritionists recommend a long-term transition to a healthy diet. Basically: three balanced main meals and many unsweetened drinks daily and losing weight comes with time. The Swiss Nutrition Society has put together a practical leaflet on healthy weight loss. Download it here.

Diet without scales: favorite jeans are better measures!

Leonie regularly reports on her trauma on the scales: «I've put on two kilos! I did so much sport in the process.» The result quickly takes away Leonie's motivation. To lighten her mood, she nibbles on chocolate. Leonie shouldn't necessarily stand on a scale to see if the diet works.

tip: Sports success is better measured by the waist circumference. Because one kilogram of fat has three times as much volume as one kilogram of muscle. It is best to use your favorite jeans as a measuring tape. If after a few weeks of exercise and a healthy diet, the patient feels better again, this is already a very good diet success.

Losing weight can be so hot!

Julie and Leonie enjoy life and don't miss out on sweet temptations. After snacking, the guilty conscience follows. This is nonsense. The body needs fat and sugar. Especially when the two of them have just come back from a shopping marathon: Endurance athletes need energy. However, the two of them should also try something spicy: the hot material «Capsaicin» in hot plants and spices stimulates the metabolism and promotes fat burning.

tip: Stop by a Thai restaurant for a change. A spicy Thai curry gives the metabolism a good kick. But you can also enjoy sweet things with small spiciness units: A hot chilli cocoa in the café or a lime-ginger cocktail in the bar has an exciting effect and hot and sweet go together wonderfully.

I have a lot to do? Getting enough sleep is important when losing weight!

Leonie is committed to her work, likes to go out and has lots of ideas in her head. Sometimes this is why there is a little lack of sleep. But that's not good for your body weight. Lack of sleep upsets the endocrine system. This can reduce the satiety hormone leptin and the hunger hormone ghrelin is released instead.

tip: In addition to your job, family and friends, you should also allow yourself enough rest and time for yourself. With a round of yoga you can exhaust yourself enough, but also find your inner center and sleep peacefully.

Weekend party: alcohol is a diet killer

At the weekend, the nights are danced! Leonie's specialty is the cocktail bar: A cocktail made from rum, passion fruit juice, orange juice and nut liqueur? Or would you prefer gin, creme de menthe, lemon juice and sugar syrup? Unfortunately, alcoholic beverages not only contain calories, they also inhibit fat loss. A beer contains 42 calories, a dry white wine 69 calories and a caipirinha already 144 calories.

tip: It is better to change an alcoholic drink with a glass of water. The body is happy that it gets enough fluids from dancing a lot and the number of calories is halved. And the head doesn't hurt that much the next day either!

In between: Snacks between meals

How often have Julie and Leonie laboriously chopped up vegetables in the kitchen to snack on something healthy. But after Leonie has chewed on the twentieth carrot strip, she is fed up with it and unpacks the chips. Meanwhile, some nutritionists advise against nibbling raw vegetables instead of snacking on chips. Someone who is in the mood for salty food is unlikely to be satisfied with a cucumber strip. Because enjoyment of food is extremely important for maintaining a long-term diet.

tip: If you get over your cravings, you shouldn't desperately forego snacks, but replace them with low-calorie snacks: pretzels instead of chips, sweet strawberries instead of chocolate. So the pleasure remains, but the calories are reduced.

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