Why are soft skills so underpaid

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Malicious · unprofessional · underpaid · slanderous · demotivating · disease-causing

Ex-temporary workerHas worked in the administration / administration department.

I think it's bad about the employer

Unfortunately, there is really next to nothing positive to report.

Working atmosphere

Administrative and department heads do not have any soft skills in leading employees.


The management is always right and does not tolerate collegial cooperation. Employees are repeatedly accused of not wanting to work and of being indiscreet. In fact, it is the management that is indiscreet and denounces employees.

Cohesion among colleagues

The employees stick together. They have to, too, with the management.

Work-life balance

Exceptionally bad. You take home all the negative aspects of working at the DAI. But not because you take it too personally, but because it is personal.

Managerial behavior

Quite simply a disaster. To deal with your own employees in the way this management does, is unbelievable. No wonder one after the other quits. The current management is completely destroying the workforce.

Interesting tasks

The daily work is not particularly interesting or appealing.

equal rights

Something like respect is only shown to those who get along with the management.

Dealing with older colleagues

Here one acts without regard to interpersonal losses.

working conditions

Catastrophic. Bad pay, too much responsibility, too much frustration, no guidelines, and then denouncing and slandering the superiors. Every employee can feel sorry for them here. Be it because they are being held (keyword: bad or no testimony at all) or who believe that it is normal because they do not know otherwise.

Environmental / social awareness

Not specified. But it is by no means social here. I've never seen such a bad employer and I've had some jobs.

Salary / social benefits

Underground and incredibly bad. You are still really exploited here today. Employees are also indiscriminately grouped down. Unless, you guessed it, you get along with the management. Then the higher pay group cheers, regardless of their own professionalism.


You often hear, also because of the massive layoffs, that this institute does not have a good reputation.

Career / further education

Absolute dead end. Here you enter.