Why are some cops so fat

Too thick! | New York cops are supposed to slim down

spNew York City / USA - Actually, the cops from the New York Police Department are the pride of the whole town. New York has had its criminals extremely under control in recent years - and is no longer on the list of the 200 American cities with the highest crime rate.

Does less crime mean more sitting around? Or was it the many burgers and donuts during the lunch break, washed down with sugary coke? In any case, the fact is: Many police officers in New York are too fat, some downright fat!

That's enough of that. At least according to the will of Police Commissioner Ellen Chang (45).

According to a report in the "New York Post", the determined triathlete wants to get her Moppel colleagues to lose weight. She is said to have demanded $ 30 from them to set up a fitness room to kick their calories.

The fat cops are anything but enthusiastic about the measures. “Bullshit,” said one of Chang's slimming plans.

But the ambitious Commissioner shows no mercy. She denies having collected any money. But she says that her colleagues are too fat for the job: “I took part in two half-triathlons and ran three marathons here in town. I want the boys and girls here to be motivated. Now I have a few devices on site for them. "

She would not have asked for money from her colleagues, on the contrary, she would have added money herself. She bought the used equipment from the Hauptwache gym in downtown.

Chang took 3 hours and 14 minutes for the New York City Triathlon himself.

Chang wants to see pounds drop. After all, she also makes an effort.

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