How is journalism different from marketing?

What is the difference between content marketing and journalism?

As the name suggests, content marketing is marketing that a company uses to achieve its marketing goals. Where earlier advertising was the primary means of marketing, companies today rely on marketing with content. This means that the company no longer advertises itself "flatly", but takes up topics that are of interest to customers and potential customers and prepares them editorially. The aim is to deliver real added value (information, entertainment) without putting your own company, its products and services in the foreground. There are overlaps with journalism in the use of the journalistic craft (finding topics, editing), but not in the intention.

Journalism is at its roots independent and does not act on behalf of the economy. The aim here is to classify topics and information and to look at them from several perspectives. The independence and neutrality of reporting are the essence of journalism. That is why that is the fourth power in the state.

Content marketing, if done well, can look like a journalistic article. However, companies will only take up topics that are relevant and interesting for the target groups they have declared.