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Although the grave is a central place of mourning, many relatives would like to keep a personal memento of the deceased. A fingerprint is particularly unique. Fingerprints are unique items, as no one person's fingerprint is the same as that of another. Therefore, capturing a deceased person's fingerprint creates a very special memento. The individual fingerprint can be incorporated into various pieces of jewelry or works of art. Capturing the fingerprint is also called fingerprint.

Production of a fingerprint

Upon request, the fingerprint can be taken after the death of a relative. Before the burial, a silicone compound is placed on the deceased's finger. This silicone mass is initially malleable. As a result, the mass also gets into small furrows and traces on the surface of the fingers. After a short time, the material hardens and records all memory traces and irregularities of the finger. This guarantees a detailed reproduction of the shape and structure of the deceased's finger. With the hardened silicone compound, which is used as a mold for the fingerprint, the tag with the fingerprint, for example, can then be manufactured. To do this, the desired material is poured into the silicone mold in a liquid state. Mostly molten precious metals are used here, which are almost immortal after cooling or hardening.

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Shapes and objects with fingerprints

The deceased's fingerprints can be used in many ways. On the one hand, these can be incorporated into pieces of jewelry, for example as a pendant for a chain or in the form of a ring. The unique pattern of the fingerprint can also be processed in such a way that it is not immediately recognizable. There is also the option of integrating fingerprints into statues or ceramic objects. When choosing ceramic objects, the shape and purpose of the fingerprint can be determined individually. For example, it is possible to choose a chain pendant in the shape of a heart.

Fingerprint costs

The individual value of fingerprints is difficult to determine. As mementos, they help to support people coping with grief and to commemorate the deceased. This also addresses the subject of death, which is symbolized with a piece of jewelry. The cost of making a fingerprint is usually lower than making a death mask. This is due on the one hand to the lower use of materials and also to the smaller workload. A fingerprint in a piece of silver jewelry costs from 120 euros. The prices for the production of a ceramic object start from around 50 euros. Fingerprints in gold frames are significantly more expensive.

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