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American school system: Exchange student Sophia on her time in high school

Published on December 6, 2018

Today, student Sophia reports in this guest post about the American school system and explains what you have to consider regarding your school in Germany during your student exchange in the USA. Have fun while reading!

The American school system is very different from that in Germany. My school here has over 2,500 students and a huge range of sports, clubs and subjects that we in Germany can only dream of. In my opinion, the American high school is exactly like it is depicted in the famous Hollywood films, but of course the schools are also different within the United States.

What does an average school day look like for me in the USA?

School usually starts around 8 a.m. and ends around 3 p.m. Every day you only have about 4 different subjects. Since, in my opinion, you get a lot more homework here and it is also common for the teacher to collect homework, there is also the subject “Study Hall”. This is similar to homework assistance.

The courses are relatively very large and not separated by year, that is, 9th and 12th graders can be in one course with you. In addition, the schools here are very well equipped with technology and books are used less often - I haven't even seen chalkboards.

After school is over, a wide variety of non-compulsory sports are offered. But to settle in better and make friends faster, they are highly recommended.

Will I have difficulty following lessons in the US?

No, definitely not. In my opinion, the schools here are better equipped, but the lessons are easier than in Germany. Even teaching English shouldn't be a problem, and every teacher will understand that English is not your mother tongue.

It is also the case at my school that they are not very strict about the use of cell phones, so I was always able to quickly look up missing words. and I'm always allowed to use a dictionary during tests.

Which subjects should I choose?

In my opinion, when it comes to choosing a subject, it depends very much on what your goal will be in Germany. If you don't have to repeat your class and continue with school in Germany, then I would make sure to choose many “Honor” courses or AP classes (college courses).

Although these involve a lot of homework, they are most similar to German lessons in terms of performance. If you have to repeat the class in Germany anyway, then I would recommend you to choose the simplest and most diverse classes.

For example, I only chose classes that interest me or that don't exist in Germany. Although I don't have any natural sciences or subjects that would be useful to me in Germany, I hardly have any homework and I have a lot of fun at school!

What do I have to consider for school in Germany?

In my opinion there is nothing to consider. Just enjoy your year abroad and don't worry too much about school. Of course, you can ask your friends in Germany at any time to find out which topics are currently being addressed. Otherwise, enjoy the unforgettable time abroad!

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