Where is the smallest big city

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Living in the country with the infrastructure of a big city - that's what makes the capital of Burgenland so liveable and lovable, as it combines the best of two worlds. The new umbrella brand emerged from these charming opposites: Eisenstadt. The smallest big city in the world.

Eisenstadt is a steadily growing city that is very popular and has annual arrivals. “These people deliberately chose our city as their new center of life,” says Mayor Thomas Steiner, and he also knows the reasons: “When I speak to our new residents and ask them about the reasons for this decision, they tell me: There is one here high quality of life, if you go outside, you are practically in the country right away. There is affordable living space, a large number of high-quality schools and every child is guaranteed a childcare place. The medical care with numerous specialists and a hospital is very good. Thanks to our position as the state capital, you can find all the important authorities in the city. "But not only new residents appreciate these advantages, all those who were born and raised here, still live here or have returned to their hometown, also know their city Here we still know each other, here we take an interest in the lives of others, we are interested in one another.
If the neighbour's post box is overfull, it is noticed and you keep an eye on it. When it came to creating a new umbrella brand for Eisenstadt, one thing quickly became clear: the umbrella brand should not be invented, it should be found.

And so important partners of the city, citizens, representatives from culture, tourism and business and employees of the town hall, but also the business enterprises were brought to the table to work out: "What does Eisenstadt stand for, what is our city?", Explains Mayor Steiner . The result is impressive and sums up what Eisenstadt is: Eisenstadt is the city in the country. “The brand tells the story of the city: We combine urbanity and village advantages. We combine tradition and modernity. We didn't invent this brand of the city, we found it. Eisenstadt combines the best of two worlds, life in the country and life in the big city, ”said the city manager.

Eisenstadt has a beautiful historic city center, with Esterházy Palace and the Haydn Church, sights with a long history. Here in our city, Joseph Haydn, whose death is 210 years old this year, worked for over three decades. Great music history was written in Eisenstadt. But there is also space for contemporary art and culture in Eisenstadt. You are always open to new things. This has also been shown with the introduction of its own public transport system, the city bus. The slogan of the new umbrella brand can certainly be seen with a twinkle in the eye. The amount of positive feedback shows that it has caught on with the people.