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** Guest post by Lia Falinski @ Join My Escape **

Lia Falinski travels the world with her two herding dogs and the car. A free spirit, honesty and absolute open-mindedness towards everyone is an important asset for them. In her very personal and honest texts on her blog Join My Escape and via social media, she takes her followers into her mind.

It creates awareness for free thinking in society. Formative experiences of the last 23 years show her again and again how important it is to be honest with yourself. She achieves absolute freedom through her self-love and the attitude that what other people think is normal is not important. She creates her own norm. A healthy and conscious lifestyle is just as important to her as fighting for a species-appropriate animal life.

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One of the biggest challenges for many people?

Travel alone.

Be alone.

Just being with ourselves can sometimes become really uncomfortable and cause great anxiety.

Many would like to go out on their own, but do not dare and some others dare and come to their limits on the way.

Especially when traveling, faster changes of location often prevent solid friendships from developing locally and I often sit on the beach in the evening and would like to share one or the other moment with someone and exchange ideas.

But being alone doesn't mean being lonely or abandoned.

But even these moments of loneliness can really push you and give you exactly what you may have been looking for for a long time.

Here are some great reasons why traveling alone is an amazing way to travel:


A. You are more independent in your planning

Especially when you are traveling alone, you are much more flexible, can discard plans at the last second and forge new plans. And that without any consultation.

In 2012 I ran 300km through France to the sea with my dog ​​and in the end I was really happy about my independence on this trip. Many decisions did not depend on other people and my pace and the speed of my journey was entirely up to me. Try it!


B. You get to know yourself really well

You think you know everything about yourself Travel alone and experience the opposite ...

You can only learn the deepest secrets of yourself and so much more when you are alone with yourself.

We often let other people and society tell us how we tick and what things make us special. But consciously go into moments when you can think about your own actions and reflect on yourself. Sounds strange? But it is not!

Meditation helps us to penetrate deeper and better into our subconscious and you will be surprised how much more there is in you!


C. You make interesting contacts more easily

When I'm traveling alone, it often arouses curiosity in other people. You want to know who the mysterious stranger is.

When I stand alone with my car on the coast and lie in the sand with the dogs, I am always spoken to. I am sure that if someone were lying next to me, that would be much less the case.

People are naturally curious and locals in particular want to find out everything about you and your plans. In addition, I am always offered help. Coincidence? Probably not.

During your trip, you will very likely also meet other single travelers who are happy to get in touch with you and great conversations will already develop.


D. Sometimes it is nicer to enjoy the moment alone

How often did I look disappointed at the wide sea, over flat wild valleys and exclaimed how flashed I am by this sight.

I can get enthusiastic about the landscape and its beauty very quickly and several times it happened to me that my fellow travelers were not interested in it and did not share my enthusiasm. It makes you feel a bit crazy and that's why I usually prefer to enjoy it alone.



And if you feel loneliness despite all the positive aspects, I can give you my ultimate tips on how you will no longer feel alone under any circumstances:


1. Find events near you!

Many cities have their own Facebook groups and websites for events, which always give very good information about various festivals and events.

I recently went to an air show in Westport / Ireland and it felt like every resident of the island was there. No sooner have you settled down than you are in the middle of a conversation.

Do you love a certain type of sport, art or music? This is the best place to meet like-minded people with whom you can exchange ideas!


2. Couchsurfing & hostels instead of hotels and tents in nature

There are now so many different ways to find an overnight stay. Couchsurfing is one of them and of course hostels.

In the good hostels in particular, it is almost impossible to be alone. There are shared rooms and a communal kitchen. Often you sit together in the evening with a cold beer and the guitar and talk about your previous experiences. Different cultures meet here.

You can also find many different groups on Facebook that deal with emigration and travel in each country. Here you will find one especially for solo travelers.

People who are already traveling in your travel destination often make their couch available for a few days via couch surfing. If you are lucky, they will tell you about their personal experiences in the respective country and give you a few tips on the way.


3. Find a travel partner!

One of the easiest ways to stop feeling too alone while on the move is to have a travel partner with you.

Do you have a common travel destination? A joint project that you want to start? Perfect.

It is important that you agree in advance which goals you are pursuing so that in the end there is no disappointment if you prefer to go on a city trip while your travel partner is an absolute nature junkie and would prefer to just go to the jungle.

I like to use Join My Trip, travel partner wanted and Travel Friends.


4. Take courses in your travel destination

If you are passionate about dancing, taking photos, doing yoga or surfing, courses or retreats are a great way to meet other people and maybe create great friendships, who knows?

I took a salsa class in Ireland, simply because it's nice to be around people from time to time and to meet the locals. Here is the perfect opportunity for it! I'm really not a good dancer, but that wasn't my goal. A little routine can sometimes bring a little more calm to your trip.


5. Tell other people about your travels

There are so many people out there who are sure to be interested in your exact trip. Why not just report

Start a blog or just post photos with text on your Facebook profile. I am sure that you will get a lot of feedback from your readers very quickly. Sharing the thoughts and experiences gives you the feeling of not being so alone anymore!

Just take the steps and share your feelings! I am sure you will see how many people feel the same way!


6. Be inspired instead of isolating yourself

One of my best tips, which I like to use myself when I don't know where to go: I get inspiration from other people who are living exactly my dream!

I watch YouTube videos from the very people who are a great inspiration and put people in a good mood. You will quickly notice that you have a vision, a goal in front of your eyes and that you are not as alone as you sometimes think.

There are people out there with the same desires, dreams and missions. Check out audiobooks and videos. Let this inspire you to do your own thing and get started. Join communities and groups on Facebook (such as the DNX Community).


Extra tip from Conni:

7. Deal with your loneliness

We often run away from this feeling, quickly distract ourselves and don't want to deal with unpleasant emotions. But every feeling has a message.

What if you give yourself up to solitude instead of running away and distracting yourself?

My tip is:

Sit down and feel it completely. Where is the feeling in your body? Why does it scare you?

It may make you sad, but once you “feel it through” you will notice that it is less and less intense. Give space to feeling, make it your friend, ask loneliness what it takes.

The solution does not always lie outside! You are closest to yourself and you know what you need.

And finally: write down your feelings and thoughts from your soul. Journaling is a wonderful way to deal with loneliness.


You see, there are so many options! Traveling alone is often viewed too negatively.

I often enjoy the moments of silence and reflection. When I'm sitting on the beach and tears of happiness creep down my cheeks, I'm also happy to just be here alone at this moment and enjoy the incredible freedom.

Can you imagine trying one of the things yourself? And what do you do in the moments when you feel lonely? Please let me know in the comments.

Your Lia

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