What do the Chinese think of the Chinese overseas?




A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry spoke on Tuesday about the question of the Chinese overseas students' hopes of returning to China.


He said the CCP and the Chinese government are closely monitoring the health and safety of overseas Chinese students. In accordance with the instructions of the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hired over 280 Chinese embassies and consulates overseas to maintain close contact with overseas Chinese students, to learn about their needs and difficulties, and to help them solve practical problems.


The spokesman said the Chinese civil aviation authority announced on Monday that an important air traffic guarantee mechanism would be activated to arrange additional flights and charter flights. The State Department will be closely monitoring developments in the pandemic and will work with civil aviation authorities.

Given the need to prevent and control the pandemic, those returning to China should comply with relevant regulations, including rigorous testing, isolation and observation. This serves their health and public safety, the spokesman said.


Source: CRI as of March 31, 2020