Mental health days are a thing

Psyche & well-being

Mental health also matters

In addition to physical health, well-being also includes mental health. It is an essential basis for quality of life and social participation. In the “Psyche & Wellbeing” section, the Health Knowledge Foundation provides information on how environmental factors affect the psyche and lists the first points of contact in the event of illness.

Common mental illnesses
According to the Robert Koch Institute, depression, anxiety disorders, addictions and dementias are among the most common mental illnesses in Germany. These disorders can manifest themselves in very different ways, from burnout to alcohol or nicotine addiction. They not only have an influence on the psyche, but also on the physical health and health behavior of those affected.

Factors influencing mental health
Mental disorders are complex and can be caused by different factors. Stress at work, difficult personal life situations, your own personality and lifestyle can all be risk factors. External influencing factors such as noise can cause stress and thus weaken the immune system. Relaxation, resilience and a healthy lifestyle, on the other hand, can protect against mental illness.

Psychotherapy as a form of help
If you have mental illness, it is important to seek help so as not to be alone with your illness. In addition to social support from family, friends and acquaintances, there is a crisis hotline for telephone counseling as first aid. Discuss any mental illness with your doctor to find the right treatment for you. And there is also information and assistance for relatives in order to be able to deal with the diseases.