Why does my girlfriend cry while having sex

Studies show that every second woman has experienced a feeling of sadness after sex - the blues after euphoria. In expert jargon, one says post-coital dysphoria. “An area that is not well explored - but there are many theories as to why some people fall into an emotional hole after making love. And it has nothing to do with whether it was good or bad, ”says Mag.a Gudrun Posch-Berger, marriage, family and life counselor at the Marriage and Family Center, Feldkirch. Since the topic is still very shameful, there would be only a few who report about it in the counseling or seek advice on it. According to the expert, many do not even know what is happening to them. “Those affected are often overwhelmed! There are so many forms in which this blues occurs: It can be melancholy, irritability, despair - even aggressiveness, ”says the expert. These feelings can last up to a day and are not tied to sexual intercourse with a partner or necessarily to coital sex - they can also appear after masturbation or oral satisfaction.
Men are not immune to experiencing the sex blues either. “One hypothesis is that this has to do with the slackening of the limb and thus a loss of masculinity or power.” In the case of women, it is more the total opening that she is not really aware of. Or the abrupt drop in the happiness hormones serotonin and oxitocin, which are released during orgasm.

In any case, it is important to stay in good relationship. In women, a tension, a pain, is often released. “It can also open an old wound and it is usually nice for the woman when she is just held in these moments. So the man also gets a gift and it can heal something. ”Posch-Berger basically recommends making love when making love instead of having conventional sex - letting the bodies talk to each other and opening up to each other. “Of course, you need a lot of trust in each other - but it is very fulfilling to keep eye contact, even if you are overwhelmed by the great desire.” The expert is convinced that this can soften the blues afterwards.

Anyone who knows these feelings and would like to talk to professionals about them is in very good hands at one of the numerous Austrian family counseling centers.