When did the gun laws start in America?

Gun laws in the USA: US President Biden wants to take action against “ghost weapons” with an order

President Joe Biden wants to tighten gun laws in the US with several orders. Among other things, it is intended to act against so-called ghost weapons, which are composed of components, as a high-ranking representative of the White House explained. Such “ghost guns” can therefore be easily bought on the Internet, sometimes assembled in just half an hour, and have no serial number that could be traced by the police in the event of a crime. This is an "increasing problem" for the security forces, said the officer.

Biden is instructing the Justice Department to come up with a regulation within 30 days to help stop its spread, she said. Biden wanted to sign the rulings on Thursday. He sees it only as the beginning of the fight for stricter gun laws, said the officer. The president continues to urge Congress to tighten the law. "We know that Americans in this country die from the use of firearms, every day," she said on Wednesday evening (local time) in a telephone briefing.

Biden also wants to nominate David Chipman as head of the ATF supervisory authority, which, among other things, combats the illegal use and sale of firearms in the USA. Chipman was most recently an advisor to the Giffords Center, which advocates stricter gun laws.