What's wrong with the Instagram exploration page

All about how to find and explore Instagram and how to introduce yourself

7 years after its inception, Instagram has single-handedly changed the course of digital marketing for brands big and small.

All the brands that are on Instagram strive to find a feature on the coveted search and explore page in order to reach more engaged users.

Instagram has grown into an influencer, defining how brands do marketing online and offline.

If featured on the search and explore page, a brand can get a ton of exposure. But how do you do it?

Learn all about Instagram's search and explore page and some tips on how to get a place among the biggest and brightest stars (or accounts!) Below.

What is search and explore?

The Search & Explore tab of Instagram is where you can find some of the top performing posts depending on who you follow and what you like.

Posts on the Search and Browse tab are curated based on the hashtags used in the caption. As mentioned earlier, only posts that show a lot of engagement will make it to this page on Instagram.

If you are featured on this page, brands like you can connect with very engaged users in your niche.

In addition to landing a spot and connecting with thousands of targeted users, you can also use the Find and Explore tab to learn more about your ideal followers, conduct competitive analysis, and much more.

How the search and exploration functions work

To access the Search & Explore tab, all you have to do is tap the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen.

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 In the upper half of the screen is the search bar. You can use the search bar to find specific accounts on Instagram or discover posts by entering specific hashtags.

The bottom half of the screen is the Explore page. This is where you can find the hottest posts on Instagram that are similar to what you follow.

Instagram also throws in some posts that they think you will like based on the topics you like.

If your post gets a lot of engagement from your followers, it will find its way to their friends' Explore page via a network effect.

This is how you are featured on the Explore page

When featured on the Explore page, you need to connect with an audience that can become potential customers. Not only does this help your bottom line, but it also increases brand awareness - which is always good for business.

Landing a spot on the Explore page is not easy for many people, but finding the right strategy should increase your chances.

1. Submit your location

Geotagging your post increases the likelihood of being featured on the Explore page and increases your visibility with users in your area.

Geotagging can also help local users find your post without getting lost in the barrage of updates. This is especially helpful when trying to draw more attention to your stationary locations.

2. Use hashtags

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Using the right hashtag can give your post the exposure it needs to get the most traction from the right audience.

If you want to increase your chances of getting featured on the Explore page, make sure you use highly specific and relevant hashtags. This way, you bring your contribution one step closer to users who can most likely become brand evangelists and customers.

Bonus tip: buy high quality Instagram likes

Social proof speaks volumes on a platform like Instagram. A significant number of followers will help attract the attention of organic users.

If you have a relatively new Instagram account, consider buying a few thousand high quality followers from a reputable provider. Reputable vendors offer comprehensive guarantees and warranties that protect your best interests and credibility as a trademark owner.

3. Post during rush hour

When it comes to social media marketing, timing is everything. Post updates when your target users are most active on Instagram to increase your chances of getting a post.

Posting during rush hour will increase the visibility of your post and can get you the traffic you need to drive engagement.

Posting during peak hours will increase your chances of ranking first on the Explore page. Landing above search results maximizes visibility and increases your chances of viral success.

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 You can use Instagram's native analytics tool to determine when your followers are most active.

Instagram Insights is only available in company profiles. If you don't have a company profile on Instagram, you can always use other analytics tools like Buffer or Socialbakers.

4. Go live now and then

Aside from increasing your visibility and engagement, from time to time you may go live and find a place on the Explore page.

Instagram curates and offers live sessions from various accounts on the Explore page. Since IG Live is a fairly new feature, Instagram is still very generous when it comes to promoting live sessions. So take advantage of it!

Make yourself discoverable

Instagram is a highly saturated network, and getting people to notice you is not an easy task. So you have to do everything possible to increase your chances.

Displaying it on the Explore page is a surefire way to get more exposure for your company. If you want your post to appear alongside some of the best performers on Instagram, you need to develop a strategy to increase your engagement.

You should also buy a few thousand high quality followers from a trusted provider. Buying an impressive number of followers increases your chances of getting the attention of the right organic users.

Landing on the Explore page isn't easy for many users, but devising a strategy that will increase your chances of ranking among the most popular posts on the 'Gram' is definitely worth trying.

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