How good are secondary schools in Ghana

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Ghana is a country in West Africa. Its neighboring states are Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) in the west, Burkina Faso in the north and Togo in the east. To the south lies the Gulf of Guinea, which is part of the Atlantic Ocean.

There are no great differences in altitude in Ghana: From the coastal plain with its wide sandy beaches and mangrove forests, the land rises in the western part to the highlands of Ashanti. On average, this highland is 450 meters. To the east of it stretches the largest natural area in Ghana, the Volta Basin. In this basin lies the Voltasee, a huge reservoir that is around 15 times larger than Lake Constance. In the north of Ghana there is a plateau, the so-called high plains. The highest point in Ghana is Mount Afadjato at 886 meters. It is located in the Akwapim-Togo chain, a mountain range that extends from Accra towards Togo.

Lake Bosumtwi is a scenic feature of Ghana. This lake is located in a meteorite crater, almost 30 kilometers from Ghana's second largest city, Kumasi. Laureen and Tracy, the two girls from the show, bathe here when they travel to their parents' home during the summer vacation.

The climate in Ghana is tropical because the country is only a few degrees north of the equator. There are no seasons, but alternations between rainy and dry seasons. The evergreen rainforest grows in the humid south. To the north it gets drier: Here the rainforest gradually changes into wide grasslands, the savannas.