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Pinterest Marketing Tips

While Facebook's organic reach is dwindling, Pinterest remains a traffic machine. Find out how you can use the power of Pinterest for your company and what's new.

Tips for your Pinterest marketing

# 1 Set up a Pinterest business account

A Pinterest company account is free, just like a private Pinterest account, but has numerous advantages:

  • You can Place ads and use the ad manager for monitoring.
  • Leave yours Verify website, you can use rich pins, and the verification increases the user's trust.
  • Rich Pins: These are particularly helpful pins for customers, as they contain price information for products, lists of ingredients, etc. for recipes.
  • Video and story pins can be created, these are further practical pin formats.
  • You get detailed statistics about the performance of your pins and your account (Pinterest Analytics).
  • Planning pins in advance: The publication of up to 30 pins can be planned in the backend.

Do you already have a private Pinterest profile? Then you can link it to a separate company account. It is also possible to convert a private account into a company account.

  • Tip: Here are the official instructions for setting up a company account. How to verify your website on Pinterest is explained here.

# 2 Links Pinterest to Instagram, YouTube, and Etsy

Once the Pinterest Business Account is fully set up, there is another administrative step: You should link your Instagram, Etsy and / or YouTube account to Pinterest. This makes it possible to pin pictures from Instagram and Etsy as well as the videos uploaded to YouTube on Pinterest. This automation through synchronization saves time and increases the reach of future postings.

# 3 Find out about the competition and the Pinterest trends for 2021

Next, analyze the pins and accounts of the competitors to find out which designs they are currently working with in order to attract potential customers. Be inspired by their pins, but don't just steal designs, create your own pins. You can find out how to do this under point # 4.

Every year Pinterest publishes its own trend guide called Pinterest Predicts. Using statistics, this provides valuable information about which topics will soon be particularly trendy. In retrospect, Pinterest was spot on in 8 out of 10 cases with the trend predictions last year.

# 4 Create Pins with Canva and upload them to boards

Canva is a powerful tool that you can use to create stylish graphics without any design knowledge. Since success on Pinterest stands and falls with the look of the pins, you should use the numerous templates there. These can be used to easily create stylish pins, as in the following example.

Take enough time at Canva to make handsome pins with legible font and appealing colors. The more attractive your pins are, the higher the likelihood of repins.

Product photos are very important for meaningful pins. Stock images are also an option, but you should prefer your own content so that your pins are associated with your brand and stand out from the crowd.

Continue to make an effort with the pin description: What can the user expect when he clicks on the pin, which link target is hidden behind it? Make the click palatable to him with a meaningful short description and add keywords with hashtags to the description, like on Twitter. Be careful with the keywords, however, it shouldn't be more than 6 per pin.

  • Tip: Since 2021, Pinterest has rated Fresh Pins significantly higher than repins from existing Pins. Fresh Pins are pins you have created yourself. We recommend a maximum of 20-25 new Pins per day, but at least 3-10 Pins for each product or blog article.

You then upload the pins to boards that you also create. Boards are pin boards that have their own name, for example business ideas or ideas for indoor furnishing. As with the pin description, pay attention to the naming of keywords that your target group is looking for.

# 5 For make-up companies: Use the try-on function for product pins

In order for this to work, you must first upload a product catalog to Pinterest. Then create product pins and activate the try-on function for these pins in the Business Account Manager. A product feed from your own website can serve as a data source; detailed instructions and an overview of the supported integrations can be found on Pinterest.

The user then selects the product pin on the smartphone, opens the camera with the Pinterest app and thanks to the Pinterest Lens technology, he can try out different lipstick colors on himself. In the USA this is already possible with eye shadow, it should only be a matter of time before the function comes to Germany.

# 6 Join group boards and continue pinning there

Your target group gathers in group boards: dog owners, furniture fans, bookworms - this is where you can reach potential customers who like to find out more about new products with the help of pins.

Find out which group boards there are that go together with your company or your products. Politely ask the administrator to be included and - most importantly - strictly follow the board's rules as a member. Most people are asked to pin only one pin per day on the board and also to reppin pins from other members. Anyone who does not respect the rules will be thrown off the group boards.

  • Tip: Many group boards meanwhile enable automatic participation through a corresponding button.

# 7 Post Pinterest Stories

They are already known from Instagram and Snapchat: Stories. In late summer 2019, Pinterest also launched its story format. But hardly any company makes use of this option.

Up to 20 related story pins can be created and an individual link target can be defined for each individual pin. You can even add videos to the story. The whole thing works like a magazine that is created with graphics or in combination with videos. And all of this does not cost a cent, but is rewarded with reach and clicks with high quality implementation.

When creating stories, be sure to pay attention to the different presentation: The pins look different on smartphones than on the desktop. The only thing that helps here is to gain design experience through trial and error.

# 8 Runs Pinterest Ads

Users in Germany have been able to use Pinterest Ads since the end of 2019. Be sure to take a look at this exciting form of advertising, because few companies still have it on their radar. Anyone who gets in on it now and promotes pins creates a competitive advantage. The ads can be played with just a few clicks and are comparatively cheap due to the low level of competition.

# 9 Stay tuned and pin regularly

Success at Pinterest depends on regular engagement. Gradually expand your account, create your own exciting boards and also collect selected third-party pins.

  • Tip: Pinning is much faster and more efficient with the fee-based Tailwind tool, which is officially approved by Pinterest.

Ideally, those who are active on a daily basis will get to the point that Pinterest expert Alexandra Polunin calls within 1-2 months Bam! called: The traffic on your own website will increase massively. That can boost business noticeably, and that's ultimately what it's all about.

Who is Pinterest for?

Primarily for start-ups and companies that work in the B2C sector. More than 400 million people around the world use Pinterest to get home and living tips as well as cooking recipes and gift ideas. The users are predominantly female, have an above-average income and two thirds of the pins represent brands and products.

If you work in the B2B sector, Pinterest marketing will tend to be of little interest to you. There are always exceptions, of course, but in principle it can be said that business contacts can be addressed more effectively via platforms such as LinkedIn and Xing.

More exciting information about Pinterest

Are you considering whether Pinterest marketing is worthwhile for you? Then read the following information to help you make a decision.

Pinterest is still flying under the radar

The use of Pinterest is by no means a matter of course in online marketing. Very few entrepreneurs have fully grasped the power of this platform so far. This is good for you! Use this phase of lack of insight for strategic marketing. Because other times will come when the power will be recognized across the board and other companies will flood the network.

Since this is a highly dynamic platform, you should always keep an eye on the latest developments. The algorithm is constantly being worked on, and the recommended formats for the height and width of the pins also change from time to time. So stay informed about Pinterest and you will be rewarded with traffic and ultimately with increasing sales.

Your pins stay visible much longer than other posts on social media

Pinterest is not a classic social network. You can communicate with other members via an InMail function and rate and comment on pins from other users. Pinterest is not primarily about direct communication, but about designing visually appealing pins and uploading or repinning them on the platform.

The ingenious thing about it: Unlike tweets or Facebook postings, pins don't disappear into digital nirvana after a short time.

They stay in the Pinterest cosmos for months and years. If a user is now looking for a topic for which you have uploaded one or more pins, these pins will appear again and again in the search results.

For this to work, publishers should use meaningful pin descriptions and topic-relevant hashtags. The result is a constant flow of traffic without having to constantly invest energy in Pinterest. The pins do the work.

Gen Z and Millennials love Pinterest

According to an in-house analysis by Pinterest, the number of young users is increasing rapidly: Compared to the previous year by 50% for Gen Z and 36% for Millennials. Users are using Pinterest to make the most of their time at home during the pandemic. The use of Pinterest is therefore strongly linked to positive emotions.

Also exciting: Pinterest is no longer a platform that is predominantly used by women. The number of male users increased by 50% in the past year.


Hardly any other platform rewards your hard work with organic traffic as much as Pinterest: Anyone who creates attractive pins, formulates exciting pin descriptions, opens thematically appropriate boards for the target group and does their homework in the area of ​​Pinterest SEO will receive organic traffic for months and sometimes years rewarded. Nobody knows how long it will be like this, because the more companies become aware of Pinterest Marketing, the more difficult it becomes with visibility. The time to get started with Pinterest marketing is therefore not tomorrow or in a week - it is now.

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