How is Donald Trump's work ethic

Eric Trump: Trump's son shoots Biden and reveals his father's plans

If you compare the schedule of the current US president Joe Biden with that of the ex-president Donald Trump after taking office in 2017, it is noticeable that Biden has significantly fewer appointments than his predecessor. For Trump's son Eric Trump (37), this is by no means a surprise.

Eric Trump shoots against US President Joe Biden

In an interview with "Newsmax TV", the 37-year-old said that Biden couldn't hold a candle to his father, because he was always a real "Energizer Bunny". Donald Trump is full of energy and has always worked tirelessly from the early hours of the morning until late in the evening. The Trump son underpinned this statement by comparing the two presidents' appointment plans.

Trump son praises father Donald Trump's work ethic

Joe Biden only had five public events outside of his daily briefings last week, while ex-President Donald Trump had nine public events every other day for the same comparable week in office. Speaking of his father's work ethic at the White House, Eric Trump said, "After my father left at 9-10am, he was still on the phone. I mean, my father never stopped. He never stopped."

Eric Trump sure: Donald Trump will be back as President in the White House in 2024

In the direction of Joe Biden, he explained: "It can go weeks without you seeing this guy". While his father traveled the world, visited construction projects, and met with the Border Patrol, Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are currently doing nothing of the sort. "These people are practically nowhere to be found. The contrast is confusing to say the least," said Eric Trump in an interview. His father, on the other hand, inspired and carried away the masses.

Eric Trump was optimistic about a possible further presidential candidacy in 2024. "I think we'll get it back. I promise we'll get it back," said the 37-year-old.

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