Why do you answer 1000 questions

After part 1 was so well received by you, there is already part 2 of "1000 questions for myself" today. The question on what occasion did I doubt myself aroused negative memories and feelings. Some things are not forgotten for a long time just because they have passed. Read for yourself what I have to say and take some time to answer the questions yourself. The contributions all have the goal of self-discovery and self-care: Who am I? What I want? What do I need?

  • Up to what age did you believe in Santa Claus?

I guess until second or third grade. How old was i there? Maybe 9 or 10? I can't say for sure. My memories are too faded for that. But I still remember the Christmas Eve in my childhood when Santa Claus came through the door ;-) In the run-up to Christmas, my parents always told me that Santa Claus looks through the children's windows and checks whether they are good and theirs Rooms are tidy. A nice memory that I will certainly keep for a long time.

  • What do you really want to buy?

Property! No matter whether in the form of a piece of land, a house or a condominium. There is no better way to invest money than in real estate. My greatest wish, however, is a property in Stockholm. It doesn't matter whether it's a house or an apartment: Stockholm has totally enchanted me since our city trip in summer 2018. Yes, that's where I left my heart. No city has ever touched me so much. Nowhere else have I felt so comfortable. Closely followed by a house by the sea, e.g. on the Baltic Sea.

  • What character trait would you like to have?

Sometimes I would like to be more confident. I am not exactly shy, but I am reserved. Often I would also like to be a little more relaxed, stronger, more quick-witted and more courageous. Overall, however, I really like my character. I think that's pretty important.

  • What's your favorite show on TV?

Pfffff. So basically TV shows are not important to me. There are phases in which I don't watch TV for a long time. Then again there are phases in which the TV runs almost continuously. Provided I have time for it. I prefer streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, TV NOW and co. are. They are so wonderfully non-binding. Whenever I want, I can watch the program of my choice without paying attention to the time of the broadcast.

But - to get back to the actual question: File number xy unsolved and Shopping Queen are by far my very favorite programs.

  • When was the last time you went to an amusement park?

I think it was the 22nd birthday of my brother and me in 2016, when we stayed at the Belantis with our parents. ("Birthday children" have free entry, which is of course very practical with twin children. Only our parents had to pay for entry.)

  • How old would you like to be?

Very clear answer, because I've already thought about it a lot:

I would like to live as old as I can still be fit and sensible. Whether you are 70, 80, 90 or 95 years old, mind and body will probably decide for themselves. That is primarily not in my power. I don't think of anything worse than being sick. I also fear the idea that mind and body are no longer in harmony.

  • Which vacation do you think back to with sadness?

Hm ... difficult. I find it difficult to limit myself to a vacation. I've really traveled a lot in the past two to three years. I experienced several unforgettable moments. I fluctuate between Stockholm and Thailand. Stockholm is the city of my heart. I would travel to Thailand again at any time. At this point I decide with a heavy heart for Thailand, because I simply spent more time there and experienced more (adventures) overall. Country and people are unmistakable.

  • How does lovesickness feel to you?

Lovesickness feels like there's a heavy weight on my heart. My heart contracts painfully.

  • Would you rather have a different name?

Nope, overall I'm very happy with my name. I think it suits me well. But maybe I only feel that way because my name has always been that way.

Funnily enough, I was just looking for the meaning / translation for my name and found that I couldn't identify with it at all: the stubborn, beautiful, star of the sea.

  • On what occasion did you doubt yourself?

Oh, I remember a really bad time in 2011/2012 when I started high school and had to finish it only 6 months later. I felt like a failure, cried a lot and doubted myself and my goals in life. All of a sudden I was questioning my whole life. All my plans have fizzled out. The time was really bad for me. When I started my apprenticeship a year later, everything made sense. I don't believe in fate, but, well, maybe my path up to that point was exactly SO determined so that I can end up where I am now professionally. It couldn't have been otherwise. As a result, I have become stronger and have surpassed myself more than ever.

I still think back a lot to that time and can still empathize with how bad I felt ...

All the best for you, Mareike ♡

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