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Xi's move: China is planning a world without American technology

China is releasing tens of billions of dollars to allow its tech industry to borrow. It catalogs the sectors where the US or others might restrict access to key technologies. And when the heads of state and government released their main economic plans last week, they set out their ambitions to become an innovation superpower that is not indebted to anyone.

In anticipation of the Biden government's efforts to further question China's technological advancement, the country's leaders are accelerating their plans to do so alone to tackle flaws in the country's economy that underscores its ambitions in a A wide variety of industries, from smartphones to jet engines, could thwart it.

China made bold and ambitious plans back in 2015, but falls short of its goals. As more countries become aware of China's behavior and its growing economic power, Beijing's quest for technological independence has taken on a new urgency. The country's new five-year plan, released on Friday, identified technological development as a matter of national security, not just economic development, as a break with the previous plan.

The plan called for spending on research and development, including the public and private sectors, to increase by 7 percent annually. That number was higher than budget increases for China's military, which are projected to grow 6.8 percent over the next year, raising the prospect of an era of looming Cold War competition with the United States.