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The Complete Guide to Driving Sales Results with Webinars [free e-book]

Introduce new products and functions, revise services or open up new markets. Medium and large companies are accelerating their long-term activities in order to increase their sales results. And what's your strategy for getting more leads and customers? How can you get customers to stay loyal to your brand longer? Discover webinars! A premium video content marketing tool that moves the needle for corporate sales teams.


How many times a week do you deal with terms like lead generation,Conversion, customer loyaltyor Reducing the churn rate? Countless times? Yes, you are right! These success metrics are more than just sales and marketing buzzwords. They have become delivery or death factors that set the rules in the digital business world.

So how do you do it?

Most likely, you are familiar with creating and executing strategies that use methods like funnel or flywheel with digital marketing tools like Social media, email marketing, andJuggle content marketing. And what can you say about the results? Do you find it blooming? Moderately Satisfactory? Or is it just about keeping the status quo?

By participating in Webinarsyou can take your sales effort to a higher level. It is a video content marketing format loved by sales and marketing professionals. They can be used by the start-ups and scale-ups technology, SaaS companies, banks and other B2B and B2C companies.


Your audience is hungry for knowledge

Valuable and relevant knowledgehas turned into a popular currency. As internet consumers, we are all constantly on the lookout for information and insights that solve our problems.

The Online courses boomwas triggered by this strong need. Entire companies could sell unique and searchable knowledge. Ranging from solopreneur online teachers to academies helping their students gain new professional skills to huge learning platforms like Udemy.

But the knowledge exchange is not exhausted by courses.

Businesses of all sizes have used this trend to communicate with prospects, leads, and customers. This is where the content marketing phenomenon came from. It shows people HOW to solve their problems and achieve their goals.With the irreplaceable help that the company's product or offer ultimately provides, of course.

If you think about itKnowledge is also a foundation for SEO performance.Your leads are always looking for answers and expect them very quickly.


BY THE WAY:When it comes to B2B, such a process takes longer as the decision is more serious and requires more long-term support.


How can you use this trend and incorporate it into the daily reality of your company?


Webinars as the real tool for knowledge sharing

There is no better tool for conveying knowledge in an efficient, interactive and engaging way than through webinars. With this video conferencing weapon, you can Capture the attention of your leads and customers for almost an hour!



What other ways can you get your audience to stick around and showcase your brand and product for this long?

Let's get back to our ClickMeeting product owner, Rajmund Dziemaszkiewicz:

In my opinion, there is no better way than webinars to effectively get your knowledge across to large groups of people, regardless of their location.Knowledge sharing is a must for every company these days, and empowering leads with relevant content brings them closer to your brand.


Another proof of the efficiency of webinars is the fact that marketing trendsetters like Buzzsumo, HubSpot, or Coschedule as make the most of webinars to provide their audience with the most valuable and valuable Attract the best content.

For a bird's eye view, take a look at some of this year's results Report on the status of the webinars:


As a video marketing tool, webinars turned out to be a solid way to impart knowledge about products or services and get significant sales results.

How can you put this knowledge into practice?


Make the most of your team

Start from the inside. In order to highlight the values ​​of your offerings for your future customers, your company's team members need to have a thorough understanding of the product.

And we don't just mean yours Sales department:

Your company also has one Customer care team. This is an invaluable outpost dedicated to communicating every single part of your product with the outside world.

Last but not least, you must Marketing teamKnow your product exactly. Otherwise, how would they advertise it as marketer at every stage of the buyer's journey?

To get all the productive juices from the Team membersSqueezing your business out, you need to take really good care of training. There are two stages you will face:

  • Training;
  • Product updates.

Perform in both cases Webinarsan excellent job. They are equipped with all the tools you need to showcase your product and explain the most complicated offers.

But especially - Webinars save your company time, money and effortthe managers responsible for induction and training activities. Especially if your company has many offices across the country or even around the world.

as soon as you Use webinars for your internal communicationand make your sales, marketing and customer support specialists your product natives, it's time to take your knowledge sharing outside:


Offer your audience added value

Whether you are starting to generate your web traffic or if you already have a stable audience, webinars play an essential role at every stage of the funnel (if you are following them):


As described in the chapter What is a webinar? Found out: According to the Complete DNA for Video Conferencing article, there are several different types of webinars when it comes to using them.

One particular type of webinar stands out as a rocket fuel vending machine and that is, product demo webinars.

This type of online event was created for one reason - to showcase every tiny feature of a product without telling or writing abstracts about it. Armed with tools like screen sharing, you can demonstrate HOW your product works and how it solves your audience's problems.

Knowledge sharing is key, and if you only use compelling sales techniques to improve results, it may work for a while. In a longer perspective, you have to deal with a churn rate.

When you support your audience with actionable insights and expertise, and teach them how your products provide headache relief, you will build stronger bonds with them as your customers.

Plus, properly conducted product demo webinars will increase appetite and encourage your customers to demand more of your expertise!

Product demos aren't just enough before your prospective customers make a purchase decision. With the help of this type of webinar you can engage and train existing customers or make the best use of cross- and up-selling techniques to increase the sales results of your related products!


Are you ready to dive even deeper?

Recognizable and successful brands around the world have complemented their sales and marketing strategies with webinars. And guess what? It works!

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