In which country is the Panama Canal located

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The Panama Canal is a marvel of technology. For 107 years the artificial shipping route has been connecting two oceans that are actually separated by land.

Land between the oceans

Panama lies between North and South America on the Central American mainland bridge. The isthmus, sometimes only 100 kilometers wide, separates the Pacific and the Atlantic. To get from one ocean to the other, all ships used to have to make a two-week detour. It led around the "Cape Horn", the southern tip of South America. That is why people thought about how a canal through the Isthmus of Panama could be built 500 years ago.

A bold plan is being implemented

The construction of an artificial river seemed impossible for a long time, also because the planned canal was located in a swampy area. There have been repeated attempts to implement such a plan. Many thousands of workers died of illnesses or accidents. But people didn't want to give up their dream and then it was time. 107 years ago today, on August 15, 1914, what was then the most expensive building in the world was finished and ready for the first passage. The first ship to use the almost 82 km long waterway with the three locks was the steamer S.S. Ancon.
96 years later, a Chinese freighter passed the Panama Canal as the millionth ship.
The usage fees for the canal depend on the type and size of the ship. The income is very important for the state of Panama.

Even bigger since 2016

The waterway is still a very important route for many merchant ships today. Because the ships were getting wider and longer, not all ships could use the Panama Canal to save time and fuel. Very large ships did not fit into the locks. That is why the Panama Canal was expanded in 2007 and even larger locks were built. Since June 2016, ships that are up to 49 meters wide and up to 366 meters long have been able to pass through the Pananma Canal! For comparison: a soccer field is "only" 45 meters wide and 90 meters long.