What makes New York pizza so delicious

The best pizza in New York

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    John's Pizzeria on Bleecker Street (278 Bleecker Street)

    John's Pizzeria on Bleecker Street is only called John's Pizza by the locals. The walls are clad in wood, there are traditional niches and the colorful paintings make a visit to the restaurant an experience in itself - and then I haven't even mentioned the delicious pizzas. John's pizzeria includes artists, old Italians from the neighborhood and a lot of celebrities (at least if you can believe the photos on the walls). You cannot get pieces of pizza here, only whole pizzas, which you can easily share with two or three people. The pizzas are baked in a stone oven and therefore have a dark, crispy, thin crust. John's Pizza prides itself on making the pizzas the classic, Neapolitan way. Compared to many other American-Italian pizzas, the pizzas are actually classic and practically unadulterated. The ingredients are fresh, the tomato sauce is spicy and the cheese is high quality. The cheese pizza is extremely popular, but there are plenty of other pizzas as well. You don't get poor if you eat here: you pay $ 17 for a pizza and $ 4 for a topping of pizza. You can also get a bottle of wine at an acceptable price. There is a second branch in Times Square. Both restaurants are great for lunch or dinner, but expect a waiting time.

  • NY Pizza Suprema (413 8th Avenue)

    This pizzeria is, somewhat unusually, right next to Penn Station. Who would have thought you could get one of the best pizzas in town here? I read about NY Pizza Suprema in an article that was about a young man who tested all of Manhattan pizzerias within two years. NY Pizza Suprema did very well, so of course I had to figure it out for myself. And I have to absolutely agree with him! The pizzas have a delicious crust and are perfectly baked. However, it is the sauce that makes all the difference. I recommend that you take a piece of the margarita pizza first before you rush into a piece of salami pizza, for example.
    Even if there are enough wooden tables to sit at, you shouldn't come here for the atmosphere and a cozy evening by candlelight. It's all about the pizza. Prices for a whole pizza start at $ 24, with slices starting at $ 3. When it comes to pizza slices, NY Pizza Suprema clearly wins (since you only get whole pizzas at John's Pizzeria). It's a great lunch spot because of its central location next to Penn Station and Madison Square Garden. The pizza slices are also the perfect snack before or after a game of Knicks or Rangers!

  • Lombardi's (32 Spring Street)

    If you want to try a piece of history, you should visit Lombardi's. In contrast to Joe’s pizza (my number 4), Lombardi’s is not suitable for a quick bite on the go. Lombardi's received approval from the New York City Council in 1905, making it the oldest pizzeria in the city. The interior has hardly changed since the beginning: wooden tables, red and white checked tablecloths and murals depicting the Italian landscape. Everyone eats at Lombardi's: glamorous couples but also large families. In the restaurant you cannot order pizza slices, only whole pizzas and these are definitely not for everyone who is on a diet! Lombardi's is known for introducing the New York pizza style. The pizzas have a slightly thicker, dark base and are topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil. You can decide for yourself which topping you would like on top. There is a large selection of different types of meat, including homemade meatballs. You pay $ 22.50 for a large eight-slice pizza and $ 18.50 for a smaller one (6 slices) plus $ 3 per pizza topping. Lombardi's is great at lunchtime and in the evening too. Please be prepared for a long queue.

  • Joe’s Pizza (7 Carmine Street)

    You can find your way from the subway station to Joe’s Pizza with no problem, just follow your nose and the music! The restaurant is always well filled with business people, local residents and construction workers devouring their slice of pizza in no time. You order the pizza slices at the counter, where they are then served on a paper plate and can be eaten at one of the bar tables. The pizzas are very tasty and have a lot of toppings. You can choose between a cheese pizza, a margaritha (with mozzarella) and a Sicilian (= Sicilian) pizza. All pizzas have a thin crust and a lot of melted cheese. But the best thing about Joe’s pizzas is the tomato sauce: It's neither too sweet nor too spicy. There is a large selection of pizza toppings, such as salami (in English: pepperoni). You pay a little more for an extra topping, but since a piece only costs $ 2.75, that's perfectly fine. And who knows, you might run into Leonardo DiCaprio, who regularly goes to Joe’s pizza.

  • Two Boots (including 625 9th Avenue and 44th Street)

    Two Boots was founded in 1987 by two filmmakers who, like so many Americans, love pizza and beer. The name refers to the shape of Italy and the US state of Louisiana, which both look like a boot. Besides the original name and creative owners, it's no wonder that you can get special pizzas at Two Boots. In all branches (11 pieces in New York) you can order a cheese pizza that can be upgraded with different pizza toppings. The pizza toppings are inspired by dishes from the southern states. The names of the pizzas come from films and TV shows: There are, among others, The Dude, The Newman, Mr Pink and Cleopatra Jones. Those who are not so keen to experiment can simply order salami, anchovies or olives. A slice of pizza costs between $ 2.75 and $ 3.75, and a whole pizza costs $ 9.95 (small), $ 14.95 (medium), or $ 19.95 (large).