Some women get gigolo services

Become a callboy - in 3 steps with us to your dream job callboy!

What information will be needed from me to create a profile?

We need some essential information about you in order to be able to assess whether you meet the customer requirements and to be able to create your callboy profile in full.

In the casting form, you will be asked for your personal data (name, email address), the required profile information (e.g. nickname, age, size, current location), your "service offer", your prices and your individual profile text.

The form has been sent, what's next?

Immediately after sending you will receive an email from us as confirmation of receipt. We ask you to reserve your preferred date for the following casting interview using our scheduling tool. Your reservation is considered an appointment confirmation. We will contact you as agreed at that time. The conversation will take place via video call using your preferred video call tool.

Please note: Without your appointment selection and the casting interview, we cannot accept you!

How exactly does the casting interview work?

The goal of the personal casting interview is to finally assess whether your intellectual and visual qualities match the high and complex requirements of our customers.

The standardized conversation will take around 30-45 minutes of your time and you do not need to prepare for it. We discuss individual points regarding your person as well as all questions from you in our direction.

When will I find out whether I have been accepted as a callboy or not?

Immediately after the casting interview, we will inform you about the decision whether we can include you in our team or, for example, only under "conditions". This can mean, for example, that we would very much like to include you in our team, but your image material does not meet the quality standards of our customers. Then you first have to meet this requirement so that we can activate your profile. If we can take you on with us, you can look forward to exciting and very lucrative times.

Can I “only” register as a companion without offering “sweet time”?

Yes, but definitely! All you have to do is leave the corresponding sweet time price information for your services in the casting form blank. For us this means that you want to work as a pure companion. Your offer then only includes events in which no “physicality” takes place (social time).

I would like to apply as a professional masseur - is that possible?

Are you a masseur and want to offer your services to women? Or do you offer professional tantra massages? You are welcome to use our portal to advertise this service as well.