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Meaning of life: 3 examples of happiness in life + 5 tips on how to find it

What's the meaning of life? A meaningful life is the foundation of our joie de vivre. We have five valuable tips for you on how to find happiness in life - and thus also the answer to your question about the meaning of your life.

The meaning of life: a question that is thousands of years old

The question of the meaning of life is practically as old as humanity. Philosophers, writers, and poets have always tried to answer the question of all questions, but the question gives rise to a whole range of other questions:

  • What role do I play in our universe?
  • Who am I? And why am I there in this world?
  • Am I fulfilling a purpose? What is existence oriented towards?
  • Do I have a purpose or a mission in life?
  • What makes my life meaningful?

It is a cornucopia of questions inherent in the one question about the meaning of life. Probably every person does not deal with the question of all questions just once in his life. And the different answers will be as individual as the person is.

The modern sensory overload makes the search for meaning more difficult

The world is becoming more and more fast-paced and performance-oriented. We are bored of activities and hobbies faster and faster, we are looking for a fast adventure, we dance through the lively nightlife, we are looking for the ultimate kick. We strive for more and more and often only experience our own existence as a time lapse. No wonder that our endless pursuit of new happiness and new satisfaction is like a hunt. And suddenly we stand there, deprived of the knowledge of who we actually are, who we want to be and what our destiny is in this world of overstimulation.

Poets and philosophers have never come to an agreement, and in what follows no attempt should be made to follow in their footsteps. However, it is possible to take stock of everything that gives our life meaning in a variety of ways. Once the corpus of things has been set up that give our life meaning and purpose, happiness in life becomes clear as the goal and common denominator. Here are the answers to the question of how we rediscover the lost meaningfulness in ourselves. Rediscover because it slumbers in all of us. If you have lost the meaning in your life on your life journey, you will find suggestions and helpful tips here on how to find your happiness again - and thus to yourself.

The search for the meaning of life

The search for the meaning of life usually begins with fathoming our existence.

  • Where do I come from?
  • What role and what purpose does my existence play in the world?

These questions bring us back to our origins. We have put together the different justifications of existence for you in three stereotypical worldviews, which serve as impulses to locate yourself and to deal with your own existence.

Belief and religion

The ways of the Lord are inscrutable. If we see our meaning in life based on religion, we look - mostly since we were little - through the glasses of faith. Our life in this case is a gift from God. This makes the question of the right to exist and the question of why we are in the world superfluous: because God wanted it that way. A Christian life means to obey God's commandments, to live in love for one's neighbor and not in war and enmity and, in short, to lead one's life decently and filled with love. In the end, God judges our lives and we are answerable only to him. Eternal life is waiting for us in heaven. That alleviates the fear of death.

But even if man finds the meaning of life in God, he is often not spared from suffering crises of faith and meaning. There can be many causes for this: individual doubt, the bad in the world, poverty and wars, illness, one's own sinfulness. In any case, it becomes clear that crises of faith and meaning arise from a feeling of unhappiness: either about oneself or about the world.


The coincidence of our existence is probably the extreme counterpart to the creation of religious meaning. The Big Bang came and laid the foundation of our existence - mere coincidence, nothing more. Scientifically, this is not entirely true with chance, since Darwin's law of the strong applies and man has saved his existence through his instinct for self-preservation. But it is not more than that. Man is subject to his instincts, and therefore he owes his existence to evolution. For many, this is where the meaning and purpose of life lies. Why not? To see one's origin in God or in evolutionary chance creates the same initial situation in order to be able to become happy.
For many, however, the randomness of life leads to crises of meaning. Since we only happen to be in this world, we are instinctual and lust-controlled, is there any deeper meaning to our existence at all?


Belief in the power of fate

Regardless of whether one sees one's purpose in life in a creative or an accidental origin, many believe in the power of destiny. And belief in fate protects people from uncertainty.

  • If it is meant to be so, then it will be so.
  • Only fate knows what the future holds for us.
  • If fate wills it - this sentence can be continued indefinitely.

It is astonishing that man can steal from responsibility through fate. Fate takes the burden of autonomy off our shoulders. We can, to a certain extent, direct and determine our own life, but in the end fate takes its course. The burden of life is not so heavy with this attitude. And if something goes wrong, then fate is often to blame and not our own fault. If fate always means badly for us and we often suffer misfortune, questions quickly arise about the meaning of our own life. Doubts arise as to whether we alone can decide about the meaning of our life and thus about happiness and unhappiness or whether we have to fulfill a predetermined inevitable fate.

Meaning of life: the foundation of all happiness in life

The examples show that happiness and unhappiness determine our purpose in life. Whether you believe that you exist by God's will, that you are a result of chance, or that your life is determined by fate, does not mean in the same breath that you lead a meaningful life. We no longer live in the Middle Ages, in which origin and genealogy determine who we are and who we will be. We decide for ourselves who we want to be, what profession we choose and what life we ​​lead.

The art now lies in finding the meaningfulness in our life and our decisions. On closer inspection, the question of the meaning of life always comes to a common point, a goal where everything meets: happiness and joie de vivre. Our whole being strives for this.

Novalis, philosopher and writer of the Romantic period, stated that only an artist can guess the meaning of life. But aren't we all life artists in a certain way? Doesn't everyone have the right to find out their purpose in life in a very individual way?

In the end, the answer to Goethe's question does not necessarily have to follow in Faust, what holds the world together in its innermost being. Explore yourself and find your very personal roots for what makes your tree of life blossom, that is, what makes your life meaningful and so worth living. If you find the answer to this, you will notice that it is also the foundation for your happiness and joy in life.

5 tips on how to find your happiness and purpose in life

Find out what makes you happy. In the feeling of satisfaction and gratitude you can find your own personal meaning in life. We have put together five tips for you to help you find happiness in life.

Do not see your happiness in life in goals

The route is the goal

There are so many people in the world who only base their lives on goals. From this point on, life revolves around reaching the goal as quickly as possible. Everything is geared towards this in the hope of finally being able to be happy when you arrive at your destination. Free yourself from the thought of always having to pursue a specific goal. What matters is whether your life fulfills you as it is.
For example, consider whether it is worthwhile to work non-stop for years and to work overtime in order to save up the capital as soon as possible to be able to buy a house.
Is it worth neglecting friends and family just to be successful?
Every day should be precious to you. Worry about whether it is really the goals that make you happy in the long term.

  • What is it worth getting up for every day?
  • What fulfills you every day

You will find your meaning in life in the answers to these questions: In the here and now.

money alone does not make you happy

Meaning of life: not just money

You have probably heard the phrase a dozen times. The important thing here is to internalize the sentence. We often use and hear the phrase, but act very differently in everyday life. Again and again we strive for fame and recognition.

Material is often fundamental for this. We expect recognition for the luxurious life we've built, for the new car we've bought, and for the next great vacation we can afford.

It is the hidden and immaterial things that make our happiness in the first place. Lonely and alone, even the greatest wealth will bring you little. Because the real wealth is your family and friends, with whom you can not only laugh but also cry. Think about the moments when you feel true happiness. What's the point of all that money if you can't share your joy?

Follow the things that inspire you and that you enjoy

Ask yourself what you really want in life. Perhaps you have lost the meaning of life because you have chosen the wrong path in life. Listen to your feelings and your inner compass. If you have things in your life that inspire you, that you enjoy and that you get excited about, you will also find meaning in your life here.
The following questions will help you to find out which path is the right one for you:

  • What do I want to achieve in life?
  • Where do I see myself not only in five years, but tomorrow and next week?
  • Do I do what makes me happy, or do I do something else?
  • Do I always want to do justice to others?
  • Am i happy with myself?

When you find that there are few things in your life that you are satisfied with, it is high time to change your life. Make a list of the things you enjoy and take the time to do them. It is never too late in life to take a new path and start something new. Through self-realization you will find the meaning in your life that you are looking for.

Change your lifestyle

Think about how you lead your life and what you can change about it in order to achieve more happiness and joy in life. For your future, make a resolution to follow your interests. This creates joy, motivation, curiosity for new things, a love of life - and through this you also create meaning in your life. Here are some suggestions:

A fulfilling job

A fulfilling job promotes happiness in life

If you notice that your job is not filling your life, then take all your courage and start a fresh start. Even if it's difficult and arduous at first, it will make you happier in the long run. If you dare to take the first step, the second will be easier. Break out of the everyday work that makes you unhappy and look calmly into the future. New doors are sure to open soon. An optimistic basic attitude helps.

Focus on finding a long-term career in which you can use your talents and gain recognition. Since professional life usually takes up a very large part of your life, it is important to be absorbed in it.

New exciting hobbies

Enjoying life means having fun. Find new meaning in your life by trying new things and gaining experience. Observing the development and progress not only creates a very intense and happy feeling, it also creates a meaning in life.

let your soul dangle

Life is not just about duties. Break out of your everyday life with all the associated duties. Love your life and treat yourself to a break from the stressful everyday life. Make sure to eliminate all disruptive factors such as the cell phone and concentrate fully on yourself. Enjoy the fresh air on a long walk in nature, treat yourself to a massage, let your soul dangle in the sauna or a wellness bath.

New challenges

Break out of your habits and challenge your soul, mind and body. You will surprise yourself when you set out for new shores. Have you always hated water sports? Then register for a canoe trip or an exciting canyoning tour. Are you afraid of heights? Then overcome it and try house climbing. Your creativity knows no limits. The feeling of freedom and bliss afterwards are incredible and give new inspiration and meaning in life.

Exciting trips

Traveling and discovering new places and countries makes you happy and creates a zest for life. If you lack meaning in your life, a journey is a fabulous way to rediscover yourself, broaden your horizons and get to know the spiritual wealth of the world. Every trip, even if only to the neighboring country, creates traces in your soul and changes your view of the world. Go on a search for the meaning of life. The world holds thousands of reasons for you to appreciate life and find meaning. Discover the beauty of the world and in it the meaning of life.

Be thankful for your life

Gratitude for your own life leads to a better quality of life and joy in life. See the meaning of your life in all the beautiful events that make up your life. In everyday life we ​​take all sorts of things for granted, but there is so much we can be thankful for every day. You can be grateful for:

  • family and friends
  • health
  • peace in the world
  • Democratic principles such as the right to education and equal opportunities
  • A job that fulfills you
  • Good weather
  • Freedom in your decisions

These are all intangible reasons for gratitude. Even if money alone does not make you happy, you can definitely be grateful for all that you have. Be grateful that you don't have any financial worries and existential fears. If you learn to start the day with a grateful and positive attitude, it will be easy for you to see the meaning in life in it. Namely in everything for which you feel gratitude and in everything that makes you happy in life.

Appreciate love as the greatest good

Appreciate love as the greatest good

Since happiness gives meaning to our lives, love is an essential part of it that must not be forgotten. Often we only doubt the meaning of life when we are disappointed. If we are unhappy and feel unloved, our whole life is called into question. If you have been disappointed in life by a person who means a lot to you or if you have lost someone you love, then do not lose your courage to face life.

Perhaps the answer to Goethe's Faust is the love that holds the world together in its innermost being. And it is love that gives meaning to your life. In order to find the courage to face life and thus the meaning in your life again, it can help to take a piece of paper. Write down all of the people in your life who you love and who love you.

You will notice that your happiness in life depends on the love for many people: friends, acquaintances, family, children, partners. And you are also an asset to your loved ones. Draw your strength and life energy from it. Love is incredibly meaningful in life for each of us because: Love is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.

If you lack love in your life, then see the admission as the possibility of a new beginning. Everyone deserves to be loved. At the same time, it is important to show love and appreciation.

Learn to love yourself

With all the love you feel for others, never forget to love yourself. Loving yourself is the prerequisite for happiness in life and therefore for the meaning of life. Learn to accept yourself for who you are. This also includes all of your weaknesses and mistakes. It's the rough edges, the imperfections that make people special and interesting. You can find out how you can learn to love yourself here.

The meaning of life slumbers in each of us and also in you. Get active and find your happiness in life. It is the little things in everyday life that give life an extraordinary meaning. Hermann Hesse recognized it well: "We demand that life must have a meaning - but it only has as much meaning as we are able to give it ourselves."
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