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More fun in life: 11 tips for more zest for life

Julie & me

Is nothing more fun for you?

Have you somehow completely lost your zest for life?

Then my dear friend, you've landed on the right page:

In this article I will show you how you can bring more joie de vivre back into your life from now on. Here I will tell you my 11 best power tips with which you can immediately add more energy and fun to your everyday life!

Also included:

At the end you will receive my personal instructions on how to deal specifically with blows of fate and difficult situations and how to find a new zest for life even in such situations.

Sounds good?

Then let's get started ...

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Can life be fun at all?

Maybe you think that life has to be taken seriously after all ...

No wonder. Over the years you have been taught:

  • the school don't be there to be fun - after all, you learn for the seriousness of life
  • for training you only go to get a decent job afterwards
  • and on the job It's not about having fun and enjoying life, but about earning money, fulfilling the boss's orders and making a career

And anyway:

Life is not a pony farm!

Where would we go if everyone suddenly had fun in life? That doesn't work ...


Well, I don't know how you are, but one thing is certain for me: If you don't enjoy something, you should change something as soon as possible.

There's no point in the back and front if you do something that you don't feel like doing at all! You are doing yourself a disservice. You're also doing no good to your work or your boss! Your results will always be mediocre. Because you can only achieve top performance if you are completely committed to the matter and enjoy doing it with all your heart.

And I'm not just saying that, there are entire series of studies that prove it:

When you have fun with something, time just flies by and you don't even want to stop. Then you are fully motivated, do your best and most importantly: You don't come home annoyed, frustrated and exhausted!

Because in my opinion, not only your work, but your whole life should be like this: Full of fun, ease and joy of life.

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More fun and joy in life: It's that easy

In my experience this is very easy:

It's a choice!

Anyone who believes that life is fun is also having fun. Whoever thinks that life is torture and full of difficulties experiences it as tormenting and difficult. You get exactly what you expect from life.

It has nothing to do with luck or bad luck, fate or other coincidences. It's a very banal decision that everyone can make in their own mind.

I know people who are jumping around so full of joie de vivre as if they had just won the lottery. Most of the time, the opposite is true: you tend to have less than average. However, these people have decided that life is far too precious to be “dead” doggedly and seriously. Instead, they have chosen the sun side and enjoy life.

How do you do it?

Of course, these people have a bad day too. Strokes of fate also happen to them, through which they temporarily lose the joy of life (more on this below). But they understood one thing:

Nobody in this world benefits from it if you are NOT having fun in life!

Have a look around!

Every morning you see a lot of cramped, unhappy people who have to go to work even though they really don't feel like it.

I always think to myself: What are these people doing there? You are wasting your life! Have you been working for 40 years in a job that you don't enjoy at all? The total W.A.H.N.S.I.N.N.

Wouldn't life be much nicer if everyone relaxed a little? Would you be a little crazy, let go of all tension and just flow with life instead of constantly fighting against it?

Therefore, here are a few tips from me that will conjure up more fun and joy in your life:

Practical implementation: 11 tips for more fun and joie de vivre

First of all:

If you find that you are not enjoying something, stop doing it!

Of course, you shouldn't just throw everything away just because you don't enjoy it. Watch yourself for a while. Sometimes you just have a little hangover and a few days later everything is back to normal.

But if something does not give you pleasure in the long term, you have to act:

Look for what fulfills you. How long do you want to wait Until you are 80 Don't put it off until tomorrow! You can find practical instructions for finding your way to maximum zest for life here: Self-discovery: 18 tips to find out what you really want

And here are a few more practical tips for you on how to bring more fun into your life:

1. Smile and hop.

Yeah, you heard right.

No matter how you are doing: If you start to grin like a honey cake horse and hop around for a few minutes, your body will automatically release happiness hormones and ZACK - you're in a good mood.

Try it!

2. Be a little crazy.

Do something that you normally don't do.

Run like Charlie Chaplin through the street. Eat vanilla ice cream for breakfast. Put on different colored socks or some crazy clothes.

And speak backwards: Sad tsi gitsul.

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3. Don't take life so seriously

Try not to take life so seriously.

See it as more of a game or movie you star in.

If you ever sit in a rocking chair at 80, you will have wished you had approached life a little more easily and not wasted so much energy taking everything so seriously.

4. Don't take yourself so seriously

If you can laugh at yourself, you have twice as much fun in life!

Did you have a mishap? Laugh at it instead of getting angry. You don't do it better with anger and frustration.

And by the way, you also get rid of your exaggerated perfectionism.

5. Don't bite into your goals

Having goals in life is very important. And you can probably reach them faster if you fight doggedly for it every day. But at what price?

A goal for which you have sacrificed your joie de vivre for years will never make you really happy.

And if the way to the goal is fun, it can take a little longer, right? So relax and have fun on your way ...

You can find even more tips here: Achieving goals - How to achieve EVERYTHING with fun and ease

6. Have fun like a kid

Children are masters at having fun. You can learn a lot from them.

So let yourself be inspired and dare:

Hop through your office on one leg or throw paper balls at your colleague. You can also do a little race to the boss's door (but no further). And don't laugh so loud!

7. Be curious like a child

Examine a plant or tree on your way home. Take a close look at it, try to memorize it and then trace it at home and find out what kind of plant or tree it was.

Or discover new recipes, bake a carrot cake.

Listen to Beethoven and try to concentrate fully on one instrument ...

Life is full of wonders when you walk a little more carefully through the world!

8. Be creative like a child

Revive your child's need for creativity.

For example, get a blank sheet of paper and start drawing. Draw a rainbow or a stick figure. Make up a funny little story about it.

Hang the picture next to your monitor so that you have to grin every now and then when you see it.

9. Find like-minded people

Admittedly, having fun on your own is sometimes not that easy.

It works much better with friends. The best thing to do is to send them this article here and then make an appointment for a fun group event.

Whether it's a bike tour, cooking together or a scavenger hunt in the forest followed by a picnic - everything is much more fun together!

10. Get that holiday party feeling

When do we have the most fun in life? Correct: on vacation and on a birthday.

And why? Because we just do what we feel like doing and treat ourselves to something.

In principle, you can have that every day: Just do something much more often that is good for you. After all, YOU are number 1 in your life!

11. Throw out the brakes on fun

Banish everything negative from your life.

And it doesn't matter whether it's chronically bad-tempered friends, family members, piano lessons or dried up houseplants: whatever pulls you down is thrown out!

Again, your life is too precious for any negative shit.

If life doesn't excite you, if it isn't fun, if you don't feel ALIVE, what is the point anyway?

You are not doing yourself or those around you a favor if you are in a bad mood and lousy!

And yes - I know! Life is NOT always sunshine ...

Sometimes things happen that aren't funny. And then of course you shouldn't chuckle over your negative feelings.

For such phases of life I have an extra chapter for you:

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Overcome strokes of fate more easily

Of course, if something bad happens in your life, you will no longer feel fun. And it is also very important that you allow negative feelings such as sadness, pain or anger!

Suppressing negative feelings does not work, because they continue to "simmer" in the subconscious and in the worst case even make you sick.

However, it is very important that you do not get stuck in this negative state forever. Very often this is the beginning of depression, from which it is often difficult to get out again with psychological support.

Make yourself clear:

No matter what happened, there is no single reasonable reason why you should suffer for the rest of your life because of it!

You can't undo what happened. You won't get a medal if you punish yourself for something to the end. Just ask yourself the following question:

Who benefits if you are not doing well?

If you answer this question honestly, you will see that, strictly speaking, it is your OBLIGATION to find your joy in life again! You owe it to yourself and to those around you.

How to regain your joy in life (step-by-step guide)

  1. Allow the negative feelings. Feel it as intensely as possible. As I said, this is extremely important: this is the only way negative emotions can ultimately really dissolve. You can find concrete instructions for letting go of everything that weighs you down and burdens you here: Learning to let go: In three simple steps
  2. Know when you have suffered enough. It's basically very simple: It is exactly THE moment when you KNOW that you are no longer having fun in life. Your subconscious sends you a clear signal. So as soon as you realize that you've lost your zest for life, it's time to find it again.
  3. Make the conscious decision that you want to have fun in life again. Don't wait for the joy of life to come back by itself at some point. Take responsibility for regaining your joy in life! Otherwise you will sink deeper and deeper into your grief or your pain ...
  4. Take one tiny step every day. If you want to get out of a deep crisis, you can't start doing fun, happy exercises right away. The emotional “leap” would simply be far too big. Instead, you take a small step every day.Every morning after waking up you ask yourself:"What can I do today to make me feel a little better than yesterday?" It's best to write the question down and hang it on the bathroom mirror or on your wardrobe. And every night you ask yourself:"What did me good today and what made me a little happy?" It's also best to write this down, perhaps in a diary or calendar. Through this exercise, your zest for life will gradually come back almost by itself.

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