What drugs can cause a heart attack?

Heart failure - be careful with certain drugs

  • Heart failure - decide together

    As this persistent illness progresses, you will have to keep deciding which treatment is right for you. Let your doctor assist you with this.

  • Heart failure - importance of emotional stress

    Anxiety disorders, depression, or other mental illnesses can make heart failure worse. But there are good ways to help.

  • Heart failure - why exercise?

    Regular exercise is just as important to good treatment as medication. It can relieve discomfort and improve life expectancy. Here you will find reliable suggestions for your everyday life.

  • Heart failure - regular weight control?

    It is advisable for all sufferers to record their weight regularly. This is how you can tell whether water is accumulating in the body. Get medical advice on this.

  • Heart Failure - Diet Tips

    The same recommendations apply as for healthy people. You don't need a specific diet. Discuss your eating and drinking habits and your alcohol consumption with your doctor.

  • Heart failure - why quitting smoking helps

    This information sheet explains why smoking is so harmful to heart failure and where you can get help if you want to quit smoking.

  • Heart failure - most important drugs

    Those with heart failure are given several medications: ACE inhibitors, beta blockers and diuretics. The remedies can only work properly if you take them regularly and as prescribed by a doctor.

  • Heart failure - recommended vaccinations

    Respiratory infections such as flu or pneumonia can make the disease worse. There are vaccinations that prevent it. They are recommended for people with a weak heart.

  • Cardiac insufficiency - what to do if the pump function is maintained?

    With this type of heart failure, the heart still pumps vigorously, but it no longer fills up with enough blood. There are currently no effective drugs. It is important to treat comorbidities and to incorporate a lot of exercise into everyday life.

  • Heart failure - should I have an ICD inserted?

    You have life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias. Talk to your doctor about whether an ICD ("defibrillator") is helpful for you or whether it has more disadvantages.

  • Heart failure - empty battery: do I still need the ICD?

    After a while, a defibrillator (ICD) will need to be changed. Here's what you should think about beforehand.

  • Heart failure - do I need a CRT pacemaker?

    A CRT pacemaker can help some people who have heart failure. Read here who can benefit from it and for whom it is not recommended.

  • Heart failure - CRT pacemaker with or without a defibrillator?

    There are several types of CRT pacemakers. Before deciding on any particular device, you should know its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Heart failure - concomitant diseases

    Many people with heart failure have other conditions such as diabetes. Some can affect treatment for heart failure. It is important that a doctor has an overview of the entire treatment.

  • Heart failure - can I drive a car?

    Complaints such as dizziness or problems with concentration can impair your ability to drive. Discuss with your doctor whether or not you can drive a car with your heart failure.

  • Heart failure - recognize an emergency

    Your illness can have serious consequences such as a heart attack. This information gives you tips on how to recognize such an emergency and how you can best react.

  • Heart failure - information for relatives

    This is where relatives of people with heart failure receive information on how they can help with treatment. You will also find tips on how to support sick people in everyday life.

  • Heart failure - health care proxy and living will

    Everyone can get into the position of no longer being able to decide for themselves. In this case you can plan who should decide for you and how you would like to see the end of your life.

  • Heart failure - end-of-life treatment

    In the last phase of life, a treatment that only has a beneficial effect years later becomes less important. The most important thing now is to avoid stress and alleviate discomfort.