How programmers make millions of dollars in salaries

From project managers to managers: this is how much Google employees earn

Google has long been one of the most popular employers - especially for college graduates. But how lucrative is it to hire the internet giant? A payroll now provides information on the salaries of the «Googlers».

As an employee of the big tech companies, you usually earn quite well - provided you don't pack parcels at Amazon or stand on the Tesla assembly line. This was shown by a salary comparison between the big tech companies that was carried out a few months ago. Among other things, it came out that Google has a median wage of around CHF 200,000. But what does it look like in detail?

“Business Insider” took a look at Glassdoor. Employees from large companies voluntarily and anonymously share their salary on the portal. For example, applicants in job interviews can articulate their salary expectations in a more informed manner. Usually employers always have an information advantage in such situations and job seekers often sell themselves below their value.

A look at the broad masses of Google employees

For the Google salary comparison, "Business Insider" only considered positions with at least five entries on Google on Glassdoor. This ensured that the results were reasonably representative.

Product Manager

Product managers are responsible for ensuring that a product comes from the idea to market readiness and they have to coordinate a lot for this. At Google, they earn an average of $ 185,000 a year.

Engineering manager

Engineering managers usually coordinate several software developers in the development or maintenance of products. There is an average of $ 192,000 for this.

Staff software engineer

A staff software engineer at Google is a software developer with a certain amount of experience and / or managerial responsibilities. For him or her there is an average of $ 200,923 a year.

Senior Product Manager

Senior product managers basically have the same job as product managers, only that they may have been with the company for a longer period of time or generally have more experience. Average salary on Google: $ 201,600.

Senior Software Engineering Manager

Senior software engineering managers usually lead a team of software developers / programmers. That brings in an average of $ 205,290.

Marketing Director

A Marketing Director is responsible for marketing products, be it through advertising, at conferences or to the press. Average salary on Google: $ 234,741.

Senior Staff Software Engineer

Here we have one step above the Staff Software Engineer mentioned above. There is an average of $ 242,500 a year for this.


The very general title of Director can mean almost anything, but is usually associated with certain management tasks. A director takes home an average of $ 247,000.

Group Product Manager

Group Product Manager usually heads several Product Managers. He or she earns an average of $ 253,905 on Google.

Engineering director

An engineering director is responsible for development in a specific department at Google. Typically, such a role requires around 10 years of experience. At Google, engineering directors make an average of $ 283,591

And who will cash in the millions?

Mind you: The salaries listed are those of regular employees up to middle management and do not include the stock options, which are often very lucrative in Silicon Valley.
Executives or employees purposely poached by competitors easily earn more than a million dollars on Google. Exact numbers are hard to come by, but it is estimated that hundreds of Google employees receive annual compensation in the millions.

In comparison: that's how much you earn on Facebook, Apple or Tesla

This is what employees at Google, Tesla and Facebook earn

Get a job with a large US company and then enjoy life with a high salary? So go ahead - you should apply to these companies:

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Google: median wage 197,000 francs, CEO salary of Larry Page 1 dollar. In addition, the well-known relaxed working atmosphere. Sounds like a good deal.

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Facebook: Median wage 240,000 francs, CEO salary of Mark Zuckerberg 8.8 million. Although "Zuck" as the boss only receives a salary of one dollar, Facebook contributes almost 9 million to its travel and security costs.

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Tesla: median wage 54,800 francs, CEO salary of Elon Musk 49,920 dollars. Because there are also many assembly line jobs in the production of cars, the median wage falls. But there are no excessive wages here either on the management floor. The budget is tight.

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Amazon: median wage 28,000 francs, CEO salary of Jeff Bezos 1.68 million. Many parcel jobs in Amazon's distribution centers push the median wage down, even if the software engineers can ask for significantly more.

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McDonald's: median wage 7,000 francs, CEO salary of Steve Easterbrook 21.7 million (with bonuses). The wage gap is really big here: Few US companies have such big differences between “low-wage” salaries and their CEO. Here the boss earns 3100 times a "burger flipper".

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