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Half together, but mostly Cut.
Half with each other, but mostly without.
Details and proportions were, however mostly realistically reproduced.
Details and proportions, however, were mostly reproduced realistically.
she must mostly give in to her big sister.
She usually has to give in to her big sister.
The depreciation period for equipment is mostly 10-15 years.
The amortization period for equipment is usually 10 to 15 years.
Fortunately, Maria works mostly with OneNote and Outlook.
Luckily, Maria does most of her work in OneNote and Outlook.
The men all in the civil service mostly as postmaster.
The men were all in state employ, most were Post Office officials.
Therefore, this deals with such packaging mostly as garbage.
Hey therefore usually treats packaging material of this type as waste.
In group discussions, I leave mostly others take the lead.
In group discussions, I. usually let others take the lead.
That works mostly bad for you.
It doesn't usually work out well for you guys.
I eat mostly in cafes and restaurants.
Mostly I get my meals in coffee shops and restaurants.
Its history, being mostly in the future, is speculative.
Its history, being mostly in the future, is speculative.
Girls ask me that mostly only afterwards.
Well, girls don't usually ask me that until after the deed.
And mostly with Patrick and Crystal.
She's usually with ... Patrick and Crystal.
The folder structure of version 2 profiles is the same mostly interchangeable.
Likewise, the structure of Version 2 profiles is mostly interchangeable.
But mostly does it not work that way.
It usually doesn't work out that way.
Do you know dogs are mostly really good people who know people.
You know, dogs are usually pretty good judges of character.
she is mostly a good connoisseur of people.
She's usually a really good judge of character.
Young females stay mostly with their mothers.
When dolphins bear their young ... the females usually stay with their mother.
As a tropical medicine doctor, I am mostly in Africa.
I'm in tropical medicines, mostly in Africa.
Such men have to be found mostly To pay alimony.
Men that look like this, you usually end up supporting.
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