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Your Christmas party - our catering.

Does Santa Claus really exist? Am I going to burger heaven? Do you also deliver to Alaska? Some questions prefer to remain unanswered, for all others there is this page. We know most of your questions and usually have a plausible answer ready. If not, give us a short call or write us for your non-binding offer! Anyone who reads everything through is an officially certified catering expert and can certainly score points with one or the other fact on the next catering date with us. Speaking of which, there is still a small but nice surprise hidden for you in the next text sections.

And what is your idea for your Christmas party?

Regardless of whether it's festive finger food for colleagues in the tea kitchen or a winter buffet in the office. We offer you individual Christmas catering for your company. Your wishes are very important to us, we try to make everything possible.

Why a Christmas party is a good idea.

Christmas is a great way to celebrate with the whole company, because the holidays are coming up for everyone. (Almost) everyone is in the Christmas mood and nobody says no to mulled wine and gingerbread. A Christmas party is often the last opportunity of the year when all colleagues come together. Because between Christmas and New Years, many take time off to spend time with their families.

A company Christmas party is a great way for managers to say thank you and praise employees for their hard work throughout the year. The employees are definitely looking forward to a company Christmas party in recognition of their efforts. Such a celebration shows the appreciation of the company and makes the employees feel needed and important to the work of the company.

The employees are happy when their superiors think of them and organize a Christmas party. If there is also an honestly meant “thank you” and the future is discussed together, the employees feel valued. This motivates the entire team and spurs them on to further top performance. So all sides benefit from a joint company Christmas party.

Street food catering for your Christmas party

Do you still need extraordinary ideas for your company Christmas party? Delight your guests with authentic street food catering. No matter whether inside or outside, with our food truck and our mobile street food stands we are a real eye-catcher at every Christmas party.

At your company Christmas party, we will make a lot of steam and do not let anything burn. We offer you more than just a classic party service: a relaxed atmosphere and our cheerful crew will prepare a Christmas party according to your taste.

And that can be more than a classic favorite burger with fries: For example, with our favorite mini burgers, crispy salads, sophisticated starters and desserts or finger food. Your Christmas menu in street food style. Everything is possible, everything for you. You deliver your favorite wishes, we provide the appropriate suggestions and ideas for your unforgettable company Christmas party.

Your mobile food truck Christmas market

This is how you eat in the 21st century. Food trucks instead of wooden stalls - inspire your guests and employees at your company's Christmas party with a unique street food Christmas market. Together with our regional street food friends, we offer you a food truck Christmas market in a relaxed atmosphere and an unforgettable taste experience. We take you on a culinary trip around the world - we have it: the idea for your Christmas party.

By the way: Our food trucks and front cooking stations can be adapted to your brand identity in no time at all. Modular branding makes it possible. Place your logo, banner or message on our food truck. Your company Christmas party according to your taste.