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A simple grill is enough for perfect hamburgers

I didn't buy my first own (and very simple) grill to use to prepare neck steaks and sausages. They were hamburgers that I really wanted to grill. Why are hamburgers so good on the grill? When grilling, heat and fire reach the meat slices that are on the wire rack. The fat and water from the meat can drain off. For this reason, the minced meat does not braise in its own juice. Proteins and sugar on the surface turn into melanoidins (Maillard reaction), which are responsible for the magic of grilled hamburgers.

Grilling burgers is easy. With the tips on our site, the preparation will be even easier for you. The best thing about it: A very simple charcoal grill is sufficient for the preparation. Nevertheless, at this point we would like to introduce you to accessories in case you whet your appetite for more. E.g. we give tips on how to use the meat grinder. These and other accessories are not a prerequisite for very good hamburgers.

Burgers and hamburgers: what's the difference?

Burger and hamburger - is there actually a difference or is the first name just an abbreviation for the second? Only beef is used for the meatball (patty) that is used in a hamburger. As soon as other types of meat such as poultry, game, pork or lamb are used, it is referred to as a burger. In such cases, you will often read “chicken burger” or another name on the packaging. Mention should also be made of the cheeseburger, where the patty is refined with cheese.

Little hamburger lexicon

When it comes to hamburgers, English terms are often used. Before we get to grilling the hamburgers, let's explain a few terms that are used on this page.

Bun: In the USA, the bun is the name given to the bun with the meat slice placed between the halves. You can buy this roll in different quality in every supermarket or you can simply bake it yourself.

Burger: In contrast to hamburgers, where the meat only consists of beef, other types of meat can also be used in a burger.

hamburger: Sandwich with a circular slice of minced beef between the halves of the bun.

Patty, (plural patties): Round minced meat patty which mostly but not always consists of beef. Patties are usually cooked on a grill or on a hot metal plate.

Quarter pounder: A hamburger from the McDonald's fast food chain, the name of which is derived from the weight of the patty, which weighs 113 g. That is equivalent to a quarter of a pound. In Germany the sandwich is sold as Hamburger Royal.

Slider: Small sandwich or hamburger that is 5-10 cm in diameter.

Who invented the hamburger?

As always, there are different answers to such questions. The fact that Hamburg is a joint invention of German emigrants and Americans seems to us the most plausible story. The name of the sandwich probably comes from the name of the city of Hamburg. Germans brought the idea of ​​chopping meat and then grilling it to America. Many ships set off for the new world from the Port of Hamburg. That is why fried minced meat slices were given the name "Hamburger Steak" in the USA. A little later, Americans came up with the idea of ​​placing these slices of meat between two toasted bread and selling it as a quick snack. The hamburger was born.

Grilled burger recipe

Which meat do you recommend for burgers?


Also according to the guiding principles for meat and meat products of the German Food Book, the patty for a hamburger may only be made from coarsely stripped beef, salt and spices. All variants must be named differently. In the private sphere, that doesn't matter to us. Even so, pure beef is often used for hamburgers at home too.

Why are my hamburgers getting too dry?

A fat content of 20-25% in the minced meat is important for the taste. Unfortunately, ground beef from the supermarket often contains less fat. The patties made from it tend to get a little too dry. If you're lucky enough to have a good butcher nearby, ask them if they'll put you through the meat grinder with high-fat beef.

Alternatively, you can add a small portion of the pork mince to the beef. Mix 50% pure ground beef with 50% ground beef, which is half beef and half pork. In the end, your patties will contain 75% beef and 25% pork. The beef taste is retained, but your burgers will be much juicier.

Another way to add more fat to the meat for the burger is to add finely chopped pork back bacon, as we did with our Jack Daniels burger.

Luxury beef hamburgers

There are sometimes very complicated recipes that describe exactly which parts of the beef should be made up of the minced meat for the perfect hamburger. We didn't want to go that far at this point. So a simple tip: If you want to grill a hamburger with particularly high meat quality, get a piece of prime rib (also known as high rib). It is a piece of the back of the beef. It lies between the neck of beef and the roast beef. The play becomes the famous Rip Eye Steaks cut. You can get them everywhere. The high rib contains just the right amount of fat to make for juicy hamburgers.

Lamb burger

You can add variety to your burger with lamb that is quick to implement. You can get minced lamb in almost every Turkish or Arab supermarket. We like to mix it with minced beef, which you can buy at the same place.

Poultry burger

Using chicken or turkey to make burger patties can be a low-calorie alternative. However, the fat content is so low that the burger can easily become dry and bland in taste. We therefore recommend placing a cleverly seasoned chicken breast fillet in one piece between the halves of the bun.

It will also be delicious if you mix the chopped meat from the chicken with the sausage meat of a chorizo.

If you fancy a little more, try our duck burger. For him we put duck breast through the meat grinder and mixed it with minced beef. The result is worth it, because the duck and the fat from the poultry add a lot of flavor.

Here you will find tips for the hygienic handling of poultry meat.

Prepare your burgers

Tips for using the meat grinder

Beef hamburger patties can be made without your own meat grinder because it is available ready-made in the supermarket. If the pre-made minced meat from the supermarket is not enough for you, your own meat grinder will serve you well. So you can grind high quality beef yourself. If you want to use other types of meat for your burgers, you will also need a meat grinder. It is often not worthwhile for butchers to let seldom bought types of minced meat through the meat grinder, because it has to be cleaned afterwards.

We want to give you a few simple tips for using the meat grinder that will make it easier for you to use it and avoid frustration. If you pay attention to them, your meat grinder won't clog up as quickly and will really grind and not mash the meat, creating a mushy pulp.

  • Cut the meat into small pieces (maximum 2 x 2 cm). This will make the meat grinder's job easier. The meat does not get stuck in the auger and reaches the cutting disc at the front.
  • Remove any tendons from the meat. They can be wrapped around the meat grinder's screw conveyor.
  • Put the sliced ​​meat and meat grinder in your freezer about an hour before using. Cooled in this way, the meat does not heat up too much during mincing and is easier to process.
  • If it goes well with your patties, put a few fresh herbs (e.g. parsley or basil) through the meat grinder in between. That ensures a cleaning.
  • Don't stuff too many pieces of meat into the meat grinder, just add the pieces one at a time.

Recipe for perfect burger patties

Have you decided on the right meat? The meat is minced in front of you? We don't add eggs, breadcrumbs, onions or mustard for our hamburgers to the minced meat. Just before the To prepare, let's salt the minced meat a little. Salt draws water out of the meat and should therefore not be added to the minced meat hours beforehand. We add 2-3 teaspoons of salt to 1 kg of minced meat.

How much meat per hamburger patty?

Do you want to offer your hungry guests really big hamburgers with lots of meat? Then weigh out portions of 200 g per patty. We like the patties best, each with 150g minced meat. If you want the hamburgers to be classic, use 125 g mince per patty. This results in hamburgers as big as the famous “Quarter Pounder” (Hamburger Royal TS) from McDonalds. If you want to grill sliders (small hamburgers), use 80-100g.

Burger patties with the burger press

Grilling burgers isn't a lot of work. The shaping of the patties is already the most complex step. For this reason, there is a wide range of tools for making it. Most often we use the burger press. Weigh the minced meat as desired, shape it into a ball and press down firmly on the meat portion with the burger press - your patty is ready. This is much faster than if you shape the minced meat slices by hand.

Make a well in the center of the patty with your thumb. This will prevent the pane from bulging when grilling.

Stacking hamburger patties

Cut baking paper into quarters and place a piece of it between your patties. This way, the minced meat slices don't stick together and keep their shape. If you want to put the patties on the grill, separate them on the parchment paper and place them on the wire rack so that the paper is on top. Then all you need to do is pull the baking paper off the patty.

The thing about the buns

You can easily bake delicious rolls for your hamburgers yourself. If that's too time-consuming for you, you can also buy good quality hamburger buns. We would like to advise against the standard buns from the supermarket. Brioche, ciabatta or craft buns, on the other hand, are a simple and tasty alternative to baking yourself. Due to their great success, they are being offered in more and more grocery stores.

Now it's going to be grilled

Now it starts, the burgers are grilled. Set up a direct and an indirect zone on the grill for this.

Which charcoal is suitable?

If you want to use a charcoal grill to grill your hamburgers, then you have the choice between using charcoal or charcoal briquettes. Like steaks, patties can withstand high temperatures. A lot of heat develops when using beech wood charcoal. For this reason we prefer to use them for grilling hamburgers. However, you have to be extra careful that the patties don't char. Briquettes that give you more time to grill are also suitable.

Grill grate, grill plate or plancha?

The patties for the hamburger can be prepared on the grill of a grill. It is also possible to use a grill plate, griddle plate or plancha. It is important that the patties do not cook in their own juice, but that liquids can drain off. This is the only way to create the flavorful roasted aromas. Planchas are available as separate devices, but also as accessories for the gas or charcoal grill.
In American restaurants, hamburgers are often cooked on a hot plate.

At what temperature do you grill burgers?

So that the meat slices get toasted aromas, they are first grilled for two minutes on each side over high, direct heat. They are then placed in an indirect heat area where the patties can cook. So turn the burners on your gas grill full or let the coals glow for your charcoal grill. The more heat the better.

How long do you have to grill hamburgers?

If you exclusivelyhigh quality beef for grilling your hamburgers, then it is possible to place the grilled “medium” patties between the buns. Use a penetration thermometer to measure the core temperature of your patties. If it shows a temperature of 56-60 ° C at the thickest point, you can serve the hamburgers “medium”.

If your ground beef contains other types of meat, be sure to cook the patties through. The meat is fully cooked at 70 ° C.

The answer to the question of how long the hamburgers have to grill can be best answered if you answer it with “until the desired core temperature is reached”. It depends on the temperature of the grill and the thickness of the patties when they are medium or cooked. To have one more non-binding Time to mention: We grill the patties directly for 4 minutes. After another 15 minutes on indirect heat, they are often still juicy.

On top of your hamburgers

We like to add the following ingredients to our hamburgers:

  • Pickles: Instead of slicing sour cucumbers, cut them lengthways. So they better fit the hamburgers.
  • Cheese: Cheddar, a hard cheese originally from Great Britain, is particularly popular for hamburgers. Camembert and Gouda are also delicious and suitable cheeses. Always put cheese on top of the patties while they're still on the grill. This is how the cheese melts and combines with the meat.
  • tomatoes
  • Burger sauces: Don't drown your hamburgers in sauces to keep the meat taste in the foreground.
  • Lettuce leaves: Crunchy iceberg lettuce and romaine lettuce are particularly good for hamburgers. They are particularly easy to spread on the hamburger in small strips.
  • Coleslaw: The American cole slaw, which you can easily make yourself, is particularly popular. But coleslaws that you can buy are also often tasty and suitable.
  • Bbq sauce:You can also easily make a particularly delicious BBQ sauce yourself. The trade also has a huge selection ready. The most expensive BBQ sauces are not always the best. Inexpensive BBQ sauces can also be a hit.
  • Ketchup
  • mustard
  • Bacon
  • Onions: Onions are especially good if you sear them in oil and sprinkle them with a little sugar on the hamburgers.
  • Cranberries
  • pineapple: Cut the pineapple into slices and grill both sides briefly before placing them on the hamburger. This lets the sugar caramelize on the surface and ensures a particularly good taste.

Side dishes for your burgers


  • 1000 g minced beef or other types (see introduction)
  • 2 teaspoons of salt
  • 8 burger buns


Grill hamburgers or burgers on the gas grill

  • Turn the burner controls in the direct zone to full and close the lid of your gas grill until the grate has heated up. Leave the burner closed under the indirect zone.
  • When the gas grill in the immediate area is fully heated, place the patties on the wire rack in that area. After one minute, turn the patties 180 degrees and grill the meat for another minute. Turn the patties over and do the same for the second side.
  • Now place the patties in the indirect area of ​​your grill and cover them with cheese if necessary. Let them grill there until they reach the desired degree of doneness.
  • Cut the buns open and briefly toast both sides in the immediate area of ​​your grill. Make sure that the buns don't burn.

Grill burgers or hamburgers on the charcoal grill

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