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Texting after the date: If you write him THAT, he will fall in love with you immediately!

You fell head over heels for this one guy. Your first date went really well, including long eye contact and lots of crackling in the air. Now it's just a matter of wrapping your crush around your finger with your SMS skills. Because one thing is certain: Without texts, nothing works when it comes to dating these days. Whether with the family, friends or even on a date - communication is the be-all and end-all ... and that's what we prefer to do with our mobile phone. But who should write first and, above all, what? After all, with the wrong news you can maneuver yourself all too quickly into love-out. So that you know which lines are particularly popular with him and with which words he will immediately fall in love with you, we have found the best sayings for you.

Dating: who should write first?

The dating portal LoveScout24 asked itself what is important when it comes to flirting on mobile phones after the first date and carried out a survey among 2000 singles in Germany. However, women and men were pretty divided, who should take the initiative after the date. While every third woman thinks that men should take the first step, most men believe that it doesn't matter which of the two types the first message. And also what that timing As far as is concerned, the old three-day rule is no longer up to date. Instead, the better the date, the faster you get in touch. Means: To report on the same day or a day later is completely okay and can even be viewed positively. So girls, just pick up your cell phone and start typing! Here are the best sayings with which you can easily wrap it around your finger ...

He will fall in love with you instantly with these text messages

1. Just be honest

As is so often the case in life, when it comes to flirting with your cell phone, the less the better. Because intrusiveness - at least at the beginning of a relationship - doesn't really go down well. Instead, most men prefer simple and honest sentences. If you enjoyed the date, it's an easy one "I hope we'll see you again soon" therefore when texting after the date on number one!

2. Make compliments

Everyone likes to hear what the other person likes about themselves. Men cannot be excluded from this either. That's why compliments like that "I find it very impressive how focused you are in pursuing your goals" or "It's great how committed you are" always good for males too.

3. Giving insights into your life

What we find exciting and exciting in others is often the epitome of boredom for ourselves. But just as you would like to know what he has been doing all day long, he would also like to know what is going on in your life. It's not without reason that we love Snapchat and Instagram stories. Sometimes also says a photo of things you've bought or what you're doing, more than a thousand words. And you will stay in his mind right away.

4. Show understanding

Your diaries don't always fit together, or he doesn't want to miss out on time with friends or family. "No thing, your friends come first" shows not only your understanding, but also that you approach the matter really relaxed. But you should also be able to expect understanding from him.

5. Arouse curiosity

Even if a simple "sex?" While it may work for Barney Stinson, the reality is that most men are more into hints and more mysterious words. "Why don't you jump in a taxi and meet me at home?" is particularly well received, or else "I'm looking forward to a hot foam bath ...".

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