Balochistan is a province of Pakistan


The Pakistani region of Baluchistan has a very harsh, continental climate, which is strongly influenced by the Iranian conditions. The heart of the region therefore consists of a sandy desert that is extremely hot in summer but very cold in winter. Precipitation and rivers that do not dry up in summer are a rarity.

Location and landscape in Baluchistan

Located in the extreme southeast of Pakistan, Baluchistan (or Baluchistan) is a very idiosyncratic province. Parts of the region lie on Iranian state soil and the population does not necessarily identify with the government in Islamabad. The province is almost exclusively characterized by deserts and boulders. The southern end of Baluchistan is the Arabian Sea.

Tribes and population in Baluchistan

The Baluch tribes live in the south of the province and are very concerned about their independence. In the north around Quetta there are mainly pashtuns, which have their origins in Afghanistan. Because of the little rainfall, little agriculture is possible, on the other hand only a few nomads live in the region with their cattle. Characteristic of the baluch is the still strongly developed tribal culture with a very strict code of honor.

Harsh climate and little culture

Because of the inhospitable climate, little cultural heritage could develop and even the conquerors who passed through left hardly any traces under these circumstances. The visitor is most likely to experience the city of Quetta when coming from Iran to Pakistan by land. However, the security situation on site is currently so tense that such a tour cannot be recommended per se.