How do you manage multiple sales teams

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In Zoho CRM you can set up different types of user groups to manage collections of common records. Groups can be set up for sales teams, support teams or event teams, for example. Users assigned to a specific group can access records that are shared with this group and edit them if necessary.


Profile authorization required: Users with the "Manage Groups" profile permission can access this feature.

Key Features

  • Groups can contain users, roles & sub-roles as well as sub-groups.
  • You cannot assign records to groups directly.
  • Records can be made available to groups by setting up data sharing rules.
  • Users, roles and subordinate roles can belong to several groups.

Group members

Groups can be formed according to the following combinations:

  • User: Users only.
  • Roll: All users with a certain role can become members of the group.
  • Roles & subordinate roles: All users assigned to the roles and sub-roles can become members of the groups.
  • Subgroups: All users belonging to a specific group can become members of the new group.

Sample groups

In the Zoho CRM Groups module, you can do the following:

  • Create groups
  • Assign users to groups
  • Edit groups
  • View groups
  • Delete groups
  • Share records with groups