Can kill 17 HMR rifle deer

With the 22lfb on rabbits up to max 50-60m

David7x64 wrote:

I would even shoot a fox with a KK up to 50m! Everyone did it in the past! With modern, precise HV cartridges such as CCI Minimag or Velocitor, that's not a problem!

The whole discussion with insufficient reserves seems to be a German problem! Starts at .22lfb and doesn't stop at 9.3 for average German game! How can it be that in England / Scotland and Austria deer with .243, 22-250 or what do I know what fall?
In the USA it is customary to shoot foxes with the small bore! The good effect of the .22lfb would also be described in the fox hunt report of the game and dog!

So I think if you limit yourself in the distance it shouldn't be a problem to kill a hare with .22lfb!

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It's more about the outer ballistics of the 22lfb, which is, to put it nicely, not so great.

It is not for nothing that a series of cartridges in the .20 .22 caliber range have been developed.

of course our fathers or grandfathers hunted with it, of course, foxes were also, inevitably, stretched and one or the other, even if poached, deer fell victim to the 22lfb but why was that like that? right because almost everyone had a kk and often nothing else was available!

god knows i'm not a representative of the "we need more power" faction, but the 22lfb is, at least for hunting purposes, more than outdated and on the worst of the worst!

I even go so far as to say the acquisition of a kk for hunting purposesa wrong purchase is nothing further.

Partons like the 22wmr 22hornet 17 hmr 17rem to stay in the league, for example, do the same job, but three times better, with considerably less ballistic disadvantages (bullet drop / wind drift) to name just two

Anyone who claims otherwise has, in my opinion, simply passed the last 20 or 30 years of development in the field of hunting weapons by.

@tobi and co.
That doesn't mean that it doesn't work, (my first gun was itself a voere kk rifle, bought for 300 MARK at the time and I achieved a considerable distance with it, but also paid a lot of tuition money!)
but there are now much better calibers for your purposes.
anyway, have fun and wmh with your kk, it will be: wink: